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WorkTrips.com is an AI-powered travel platform that helps global companies like Google save 30% on Travel costs. The traveler gets access to real-time offers from 2.200.000+ hotels and 900+ airlines, trains, buses, uber, insurance, and 24/7 expert support.
All are booked within the Travel policy, and cost center, and the expense report is automatic.
Thanks to our solution you can plan, book & expense business trips in minutes cashless for your employees.

With our reporting, integrations, and real-time analytics, you can easily control your travel policy, reduce spending and increase the efficiency of your company.

We are glad to mention some of our awards: Innovative Startup at Google, Best B2B Travel Tech Award Poland, Finalist Travel Tech Con USA, and others. Also meet our partners: SAP, Amadeus, Microsoft, Google, Kiwi.com, EY, Mastercard, etc.