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PZN Sp. z o.o.


PZN is the privately and the purely Polish-owned company with more than 28 years of experience.

If your Company needs the professional provider to take care about your property in the widest possible manner and/or the professional provider in facility related services, i.e.: building technical maintenance, indoor and outdoor cleaning, landscaping services including snow removal services, interior arrangement and furnishing, technical security of your property, you are in the best possible professional hands.

All services which PZN offers are built up based on the Client’s expectations and needs. We always present to the Client the most suitable, most cost-effective, and unique and tailored-made solution. We hear and observe the Client’s need very carefully and we smoothly communicate whatever is needed to be shared.

Our role is to take over responsibility for that part of the Client’s business which might be outsourced to the trustworthy and reliable business partner.

Furthermore, if you need a small rebuilding or significant construction with multiplication of technical requirements and different types of building installations, PZN is a best choice in helping you.

We highly recommend our services, and we are opened to answer to the questions which might appear while reading this description.

You are more than welcome to contact us, please.