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Ogólnopolska Federacja Przedsiębiorców i Pracodawców – Przedsiębiorcy.pl


The main objective of the Federation is the protection of rights and representation of interests of its members in relation to unions, authorities, and public administration, as well as the creation of a positive image of entrepreneurs in Poland.

The main Federation’s tasks are:

  • to create among its members a strong representation of SME’s sector, adequate for the role of this sector in the Polish economy;
  • to develop and promote an economic identity in Poland, considering the economic and social meaning of the SME’s sector;
  • to represent the social and economic interests of its members on the national and international level
  • to conduct initiatives for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship, institutions and environment protection, health protection, energy efficiency;
  • to reinforce the inventiveness and effectiveness of Polish enterprises and enhance the link between business and science;
  • to conduct initiatives to develop e-economy and e-business;
  • to establish and support cooperation in the CSR.