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MALO CLINIC Polska Sp. z o.o.


Malo Clinic, founded in 1995, is now recognized worldwide for its know-how and innovation. MALO CLINIC has taken Portuguese Dental Medicine, namely in the field of implantology, to high levels of quality and recognition.

It has an internationally recognized and referenced multidisciplinary team, composed of highly qualified dentists, with more than two decades of knowledge and research, whose experience allows the resolution of complex cases.

Malo Clinic is a pioneer of the All-on-4® method – an innovative concept of rehabilitation which helps toothless patients get new, fixed teeth, that looks and functions just like natural teeth, in one day and without bone transplant. The Malo Clinic protocol maintains a high success rate 98% of the procedures performed.

Malo Clinic Polska has been operating for 13 years,  as a leader of implantology in Poland and one of the first dental clinic in Poland that performed the All-on-4® method.

MCP  has the most diverse specialties of dentistry to provide Patient with complete and detailed care. Each Patient receives detailed and personalized treatment plan.

An international medical team works in Warsaw. Doctors speak Polish, Portuguese and English.

The clinic is located in Warsaw, Mokotów.