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PPCC and KIG’s Trade Mission to Mozambique (Maputo), 1-5 July 2018

04-04-2018 WiadomościWydarzenia

We have the pleasure to announce the PPCC and KIG’s Trade Mission to Mozambique which will take place on 1-5 July 2018.

The PPCC Trade Mission to Maputo is a great occasion to get to know some new business opportunities in Mozambique and find potential trade partners in the market. The most important and promising sectors in the country are: mining, energy, machine, processing and IT industries; agriculture; fishing; tourism and infrastructure investments.

The trade mission will strongly focus on B2B meetings, with individual sessions with potential business partners, according to each company’s profile, that will include meetings about local tax laws, certification and procedures. We believe that a strong awareness of the market’s reality is of the utmost importance for sustainable success.

Enclosed, please find the detailed offer. If you are interested in taking part in our Trade Mission, please fill in the form (filling in the form does not oblige you to take part in the mission).

We encourage you to get to know the Mozambique’s market and establish interesting commercial contacts.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact directly Ms. Weronika Gwiazda, Operations Manager of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce: weronika@ppcc.pl, +48 539 728 680.

Trade Mission Offer