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“Portuguese Weekend” in Warsaw, 10-12 June 2022

10/06/2022 - 12/06/2022
Całodniowe “Portuguese Weekend” in Warsaw, 10-12 June 2022

The Portuguese Week „Flavours of Portugal” 2022

Today, the Portuguese Week “Flavours of Portugal” is getting started, the biggest event promoting Portuguese products and culture in Eastern Europe. The event will be held at InterContinental Warsaw Hotel and will last the whole week!

In 2019, during the last edition before the pandemic, the event welcomed over 1000 visitors, among them our Sponsors’ business partners and representatives of key Polish business organisations and companies.

Every night regional dinners prepared by top Portuguese Chefs will be served to our Sponsors and their guests. Before the dinners, all guests are invited to enjoy a tasting of some exquisite Portuguese products and wines, and after that, prize lotteries and fado concerts.

To celebrate its 12th anniversary we want to make the 2022 Flavours of Portugal the biggest and the most interesting and exciting event ever, and we are sure it will be a wonderful time for all of the participants.  

Touristic Workshop 2022

21/11/2022 - 24/11/2022
16:30 - 22:00 Touristic Workshop 2022

“Fado in Katowice” concert, 21 May 2022

19:00 - 21:00 “Fado in Katowice” concert, 21 May 2022

Wine Exports – Portugal 2020 vs. 2021

New Year means seeking new and prosperous opportunities. The PPCC congratulates our partner ViniPortugal for their outstanding performance in Wine promoting! 

As observed in 2021, compared with 2020 during the same period, ViniPortugal has registered an 8.11% growth in exportations – and the Polish market is a part of the equation.

Leading ViniPortugal’s European market in demand by recording an increase of 19.54% in 2021, the Polish market is currently standing as one of the top 10 countries in the Portuguese wine client’s global market.

It is with pride that from time to time, the Polish market is presenting itself as a new, prosperous and interested investor in this Portuguese specialty.

„Portugal e Polónia Convidam”, 19-20th of October, at Bellotto Hotel

19/10/2021 - 20/10/2021
14:00 - 18:00 "Portugal e Polónia Convidam", 19-20th of October, at Bellotto Hotel