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PIT settlements for 2022/2023

28-03-2023 Expert RadziGospodarka i finanse

On behalf of our Member Company Advicero Nexia we would like to invite you for a webinar entitled „PIT settlements for 2022/2023″

The event will take place on 28th of March 2023 from 10:00 to 11:00

Advicero Nexia’s  experts will discuss the following topics:

  • PIT for 2022
    • New tax scale and higher tax-free amount
    • Lifting the obligation of double calculation of advances
    • Unifying dates of filing the annual PIT return
    • Tax exemptions and credits
      • The 4+ tax exemption
      • Tax exemption for non-residents
      • Tax exemption for pensioners
      • Tax relief for historical monuments
      • Tax relief for expansion
      • Tax relief for production
      • Tax relief for CSR
      • Tax relief for robotization
      • Tax relief for investment in an alternative company
      • Tax relief for payment terminal and its maintenance costs
      • Tax relief for single parents
    • Health contribution for particular groups of entrepreneurs and employees
    • ZUS contributions for particular groups of entrepreneurs and employees
  • PIT for 2023 – what will change and how will it impact tax settlements
    • PIT 2 – new rules
    • New rules of submitting statements to income tax payers
    • New rules of including the tax-free amount
    • Modification of tax relief for historical monuments
    • Lifting the obligation of submitting PIT/WZ information (bad debt relief)
    • Non-taxation of private lease on general terms
    • Lack of depreciation of housing units

Webinar will be held in Polish. Participation is free of charge.

Please confirm your attendance by sending ‘Name, Surname, Company name’ to this email: oszczygiel@advicero.eu.