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Invitation for webinars from our member companies: Garrigues and Andersen Tax & Legal

27-04-2020 CzłonkowieExpert Radzi

On behalf of our two PPCC member companies- Garrigues and Andersen Tax & Legal, we have the pleasure to invite you for webinars on two different themes.


Webinar: A new approach to building income tax (CIT) in the context of the decline in revenues caused by the epidemic and the anti-crisis shield (rebus sic stantibus).

28.04.2020 (TUE.) 10:00 A.M.

Webinar will concern the new approach to building income tax (CIT) resulting from administrative court rulings, which allows deduction of depreciation charges made from the tax base. Garrigues’ experts will present practical application of the new interpretation and the steps to use it in the business, as well as the general issue of an extraordinary change in relations (rebus sic stantibus) and how a significant change in the conditions of doing business may affect the concluded lease agreements. They will also discuss the most important solutions related to enterprise financing provided as part of counteracting the negative effects of a pandemic.

Click here to join the webinar: https://join.vc.garrigues.com/index.html?lang=pl-PL



Webinar: The anti-crisis shield in practice.

28.04.2020 (TUE.) 10:00 A.M.


Anti-crisis shield – government support programs for employers

  • Summary of available support programs
  • What conditions must be met by an entrepreneur to qualify for the employer support program
  • Practical aspects of submitting grant applications
  • Other solutions for employers – labor code

 Tax reliefs and reporting obligations in times of crisis

  • Discounts for taxpayers
  • Reliefs for payers of taxes on ZUS remuneration and contributions
  • Recent changes in tax regulations on the basis of the anti-crisis package and the time frame for their application

Introduction to financial support instruments from the Shield

  • Distinction between support tools for SMEs and large enterprises (differences in national and EU definitions)
  • BGK warranty tools
  • ARP support tools
  • PFR support instruments

Please confirm your attendance by sending e-mail to: mateusz.borzuchowski@AndersenTaxLegal.pl