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DZP Seminar: “The new Polish deposit-refund system on plastic, glass and aluminum packaging New obligations on producers, importers and distributors of beverages”

15-11-2022 Expert Radzi

 15 November 2022

🚩DZP Headquarters, 00-124 Warsaw, Rondo ONZ 1, p. XXI, room 12

9:00 – 11:00

(possibility to participate on line)


The Government is currently working on a new law which will introduce the deposit-refund system for plastic bottles, reusable glass bottles and aluminum cans. A set of new obligations is going to be imposed on importers of beverages, as well as on their distributors. Last version of the draft was published on 7th October 2022. According to the authorities, this version should not undergo further major modifications at this stage. The bill is expected to pass through the parliamentary stage of the legislative process before the end of the year.


DZP environmental lawyers – Maciej Białek and Daniel Chojnacki – will provide a short workshop on the new regulations, outlining the main features of the new system, and focusing on the obligations imposed on business actors.


The aim of the workshop is to indicate:

➡️ how the new system will operate

➡️ which entities will be affected

➡️ what exactly the new requirements for specific groups are, i.e.: entities placing bottled beverages on the market, such as importers, distributors, such as shop owners

➡️ when the new obligations come into force; are there any actions that should – or may – be undertaken at this stage.