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Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A.

Jerónimo Martins Distribuição de Produtos de Consumo (JMD) is a leading distributor of many international brands (food and cosmetics). Established over 215 years ago, the company owns more than 1 400 stores and is present in various markets. In Poland, JMD manages the Biedronka brand, owning the largest chain of retail stores; it’s also one of the largest investors.

Eurocash S.A.

Eurocash is the 2nd biggest (in terms of sales) FMCG wholesale group in the Polish market. The Group consists of Eurocash Cash&Carry (the largest chain of the discount store, also the franchisor of “ABC” grocery stores), KWDT (nationwide distributor of tobacco and impulse products), Delikatesy Centrum (supermarkets), McLane Polska (leader in active distribution to petrol stations and grocery stores), Pay Up (distributor of financial electronic services).