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’Wysowianka’ is a water brand founded by Uzdrowisko Wysowa S.A. The company was established in 1959 and since then it has been producing mineral waters.  Uzdrowisko Wysowa S.A. is not only a bottling plant, since it also specializes in spa treatment. For years, the company  has been providing treatment and rehabilitation to patients from all over Poland, based on two facilities – „Biawena” Spa Center and „Beskid” Spa Hospital. It also actively uses spa waters in treatment – „Franciszka”, „Józefa” and „Henryka”.


WPPH ELENA is a family company with 35 years of experience. The owner of the brand, Franciszek Siegień, is a man who can boast of experience in business for over 50 years, and thanks to him, Elena occupies a leading position among domestic and foreign producers of freeze-dried food. It is a reliable partner both in Poland and Europe; cooperates with a large group of food concerns, including dairies, producers of teas, instant meals, bakeries and confectioneries. It introduced products in retail packaging and lines of dietary supplements. The company’s significant achievements are its own brand, recognizable not only in Poland and Europe, but also on many continents of the world, as well as its certified quality. Elena has the following certificates: BIO, KOSHER, BRC, FDA. 90% freeze-dried products retain all nutritional values and vitamins, taste and aroma without losing their quality. Sublimation is the most expensive food drying process but also the most future-proof, today all consumers in the world are looking for these products. Their advantage is that they can be stored for a long period, avoiding the use of preservatives, salt or sweeteners.

Agus Sp. z o.o.

Since 1948 Agus designs, creates and commercializes branded food products on the global market. Its activity is based on two divisions: dairy and consumer.

AGRiCO DTL Sp. z o.o.

AGRiCO DTL is a modern manufacturer of convenience and functional food. We are one of the leading producers in Poland present in majority of supermarkets, as well as we cooperate with many of the retailers in Europe. Thanks to the intensive investments during recent years, the company became one of the leading producers of sterilized meat products. Our advantages are for example: advanced production technology, excellent recipes, or products tailored to each regional market. Nowadays AGRICO is the biggest producer of HALAL- canned-meat products in Central and Eastern Europe. We undertake many safety measures accordingly to the highest international standards confirmed by certificates BRC, IFS, and HACCP. For now, our top products are shredded chicken, whole chicken breast, pulled beef and pork, and corned beef.

Mazurskie Miody

Mazurskie Miody – Polish family company. It all started a hundred years ago at an old Polish family Piasecki in Kresy – Eastern Borderlands. Nowadays in Masuria, North Poland, we still use traditional recipes and make taste natural products in batches, and taste-test every batch to make sure you get only the best: honey spirits, meads, liquors, vodka, whisky, and natural bee honey. We sell them to the best European Union chains and do export to USA, China, Latin America, and others. Our brands: Mazurskie Miody, Piasecki, Bairille, Masuria, Palacio Mel, Kormoran mead.


TEK TRADE is a leading exporter and importer of food products. They are a global supplier of meat, fruit, vegetables, beverages, wine, and more for the wholesale markets. A company has its offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Budapest, and Warsaw. TEK TRADE focuses on delivering safe, cost-effective, and high-quality products.


BRASMAR SEAFOOD COMPANY stands out for its operational, financial, and organizational model.

Our investments in this sector are diversified and complement each other. In this area of business, leading companies offer a wide range of superior products in order to build a trusting and lasting relationship with customers.

We are a benchmark company in Europe in the seafood sector. Our activity is focused on the processing and sale of fish, shellfish, cephalopods, and frozen codfish, as well as dry salted codfish.

Brasmar processes and markets seafood products following rigorous specifications through responsible practices that seek sustainable development and customer satisfaction.

We strive daily to identify and develop new products, using the latest and most innovative equipment, which allows us to better respond and satisfy the needs of the markets we operate in.

We are recognized for the quality, consistency, and variety of our products, and complement these with a dynamic and effective service.


Bicafé is a coffee roasting company from Portugal, born in 1974. From the beginning, the company’s focus was the blending of beans for espresso coffee. Since 2007, the company began its journey on the single market with its capsules compatible with Lavazza Expresso Point. Nowadays, we commercialize capsules for Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza, Delta Q, and our own system. Our group comprises several companies, distributed by 7 countries: Portugal, Luxemburg, Spain, France, UK, Morocco and more recently Brazil. Our products are all produced in Portugal and are distributed in almost all Continents, from America to Asia either with our brand or in private labels.

PANEGARA Sp. z o.o.

PANEGARA was founded in Portugal and has enjoyed a steady increase in consumer confidence in Europe and the world for over 20 years. PANEGARA’s offer includes international cuisine products, including Exotic fruit rich in taste, in the form of the highest quality purees, marinated fruit, and Brazilian specialties. The company exports its products, among others to Angola, Spain, the United States, and Luxembourg. It focuses on further, expansive development in European countries, and has been operating on the Polish market since September 2015.

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Iberia

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Ibéria S.A. was born in 2017 by the merging of Segafredo Zanetti Portugal and Nutricafés S.A. Nutricafés S.A. was born in 2000 through the union of two historical Portuguese companies: Chave D’Ouro and Nicola Cafés. Chave D’Ouro was mainly dedicated to producing and marketing high-quality and selected coffee since the beginning of the XX Century, while Nicola Cafés dates back to 1779, when the historical and iconic establishment, Nicola Café opened, a meeting place for writers and politicians and the home to one of Lisbon’s famous intellectual circles, the tertulias.