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Multisoft S.A.

Multisoft SA is a leading company whose successes are mainly due to its expansive measures aimed at the international market ATC (Air Traffic Control – Air Traffic Control).

We provide the best solution available in the market prepared by a team of experienced professionals. Our most important task is to build ATC systems, creating devices and applications monitoring and IT networks with their certification. Our performance on difficult and responsible ATC market is a guarantee of solidity in the domestic market in the field of air traffic control.

We have almost 2 decades in ATC infrastructure installations around the world. From simple recorder installations to the most complex nationwide systems that allows centralized equipment.

The trust and robustness of our systems has reached such a level of trust between our customers and are already implemented in more than 30 countries in 5 continents.

From the very beginning we are deeply convinced that is it the system that should be adjusted to its user and not the other way around.

We are now implementing our products in the retail business we have a wide range of products for video recording, computer monitoring, network certifications, building of network infrastructures, etc, etc.

IT Sector – Sistemas de informação S.A.

IT SECTOR is a technology-based company, with offices in Portugal( Porto, Lisbon), Great Britain( London), Poland(Warsaw), Mozambique (Maputo), and Angola (Luanda). Our primary goal is to provide high added value to the financial market.
We are a very innovative company looking into the most recent technologies, for example, mobile, smartwatches, smart glasses, augmented reality, and beacons. The companies main focus is innovation and development of efficient solutions for its clients associated with technological services and the adapting of clients’ business processes, so that they may identify the IT sector as a partner of excellence in their business and not just a simple service provider.
With a team of over 200 worthily qualified professionals, the IT Sector is a young and dynamic company characterized by strong experience in the sector of IT. Our main aim is innovation, and implementing efficient solutions for our clients, acting in areas of software development, system integration, consulting, and specialized outsourcing.
IT Sector’s mission is to become a partner by excellence. The dedicated and competent attitude of our collaborators makes the difference in accomplishing objectives and deadlines, guaranteeing an elevated level of quality.

Admind Sp. z o.o.

We create image and sell products using traditional media. We look for Your client in the places where he is easiest to find. We develop ads in a newborn friendly environment. We use the internet to target better. We attract viewers to Your product in public places.
We let our dog run off the leash.