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Ogólnopolska Federacja Przedsiębiorców i Pracodawców – Przedsiębiorcy.pl

The main objective of the Federation is the protection of rights and representation of interests of its members in relation to unions, authorities, and public administration, as well as the creation of a positive image of entrepreneurs in Poland.

The main Federation’s tasks are:

  • to create among its members a strong representation of SME’s sector, adequate for the role of this sector in the Polish economy;
  • to develop and promote an economic identity in Poland, considering the economic and social meaning of the SME’s sector;
  • to represent the social and economic interests of its members on the national and international level
  • to conduct initiatives for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship, institutions and environment protection, health protection, energy efficiency;
  • to reinforce the inventiveness and effectiveness of Polish enterprises and enhance the link between business and science;
  • to conduct initiatives to develop e-economy and e-business;
  • to establish and support cooperation in the CSR.

PME – Pequenas e Médias Empresas de Portugal

The Association of the PME – Small e Medium Companies of Portugal is a nationwide association that defends the interests of all the entrepreneurs in individual name and of all the companies with PME statute (Micron, Small e Medium Companies) that they exert an economic activity in Portugal.
With information, clarifications, support in the resolution of bureaucratic problems, programs of formation, enter many other shares of dynamization of the fabric enterprise, the Association of PME-Portugal is always available to answer and to support its associates.

Lubelski Klub Biznesu

The Lublin Business Club Association is the largest regional business organization established for the needs of entrepreneurs, institutions, and people running a business in the Lublin Province. The club was established to support and integrate, as well as represent and protect the economic interests of entrepreneurs. LKB started its activity in 2000. Currently, more than 250 enterprises representing various sectors of the Polish economy in the Lublin Region. For member companies, the Club runs a promotion and information exchange system for establishing business contacts in the country and abroad. It helps in acquiring contractors and in finding strategic partners, indicates sources of financing for investment projects. It supports the economic activity of its members, among others through legal and economic consultancy, organizing training courses, seminars, and conferences on topics related to the issues of economy and management. It organizes international economic meetings and trade missions aimed at attracting foreign investors. It acts as an intermediary in providing information on available aid measures for SMEs and provides services related to writing applications. Creating a positive image of Eastern Poland, using the economic potential of this region, strengthening the competitiveness of regional enterprises, integrating economic environments – these are the main directions of the Association’s activities.