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Postulates and positions of IGCC and PPCC

21-04-2020 Członkowie

PPCC, together with interested associated companies, as well as bilateral chambers associated in the International Group of Chambers of Commerce (IGCC) currently working under the rotating chairmanship of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP), has recently prepared a number of positions and demands regarding solutions supporting entrepreneurs during epidemic.

In case of additional postulates and positions, please contact Wojciech Baczyński (wb@ppcc.pl)

Please find below a list of all demands submitted so far, as well as a summary of the conference call with the Ministry of Finance.

10.04.2020 Postulates sent to the Ministry of Finance after a working meeting


09.04.2020 Postulates regarding retail industry sent to the Ministry of Development


08.04.2020 Summary of video conferences with representatives of the Ministry of Finance


02.04.2020 Postulates regarding employee issues sent to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy and the Ministry of Development


30.03.2020  Postulates regarding the anti-crisis shield forwarded to the Ministry of Finance


23.03.2020 Postulates regarding the anti-crisis shield forwarded to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of the Family, Labor and Social Policy, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health

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Incoming Business Mission from Brazil

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Details will be published soon.