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Primeira prova de vinhos portugueses da PPCC em Varsóvia

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Comunicado de imprensa relativo à Feira de Vinhos Portugueses PPCC/ViniPortugal

Warsaw, 24th September 2015


Wines of Portugal Tasting for the first time in Warsaw.


On the 8th October, Warsaw will host a special event – Wines of Portugal Tasting. The event is organized by The Polish – Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC), for the first time in cooperation with ViniPortugal – The Professional Association of the Portuguese Wine Industry. In order to ensure a high quality wine trade event, the organizers are inviting top wine industry professionals (sommeliers, importers and restaurant owners) for a Masterclass and to taste Portuguese wines of the highest quality.


The first Polish edition of Wines of Portugal Tasting will take place in the InterContinental Warsaw Hotel.


This is another event – following the Portuguese Week “Flavours of Portugal”, organized annually in May – aimed at promoting Portugal in Poland. Wines of Portugal Tasting will be a great opportunity for Polish wine industry professionals to meet producers of fine wines from Portugal, to deepen their knowledge of the market and to establish business relations in one day and in one place – said PPCC Secretary General, Wojciech Baczyński.


Portuguese wines are produced from unique types of grapes that are not grown anywhere else. Although Portugal is a small country, it encompasses a wide range of microclimates which provides a diversity of wine styles. As a result, Portuguese wines are excellent both in combination with food, and solo. Portugal’s 14 growing regions produce 250 different grape types used in the production of white, red and rosé wines. The most popular and unique Portuguese varieties are: Alvarinho, Arinto, Encruzado and Fernão Pires (white varieties) and Baga, Castelão, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira and Aragonez (red varieties).


The wide range of Portuguese grapes and its characteristic acidity result in a great potential for wine and food pairing. Portuguese wine can be an excellent component of every dish. The wine making tradition of Portugal dates back about 4,000 years – such long experience is a guarantee of safety. The new generations of Portuguese winemakers combine tradition with dynamic modernity. Portuguese wines are gaining global recognition: their top quality resulted in 8 out of 10 Portuguese wines registered in international wine challenges winning an award.


During the Wines of Portugal Tasting event the following producers will present their wines: Adega Ponte de Lima; Agrimota – Sociedade Agrícola e Florestal, S.A.; Anselmo Mendes Vinhos, Lda.; Caminhos Cruzados, Lda.; Casa Agrícola Alexandre Relvas Lda.; Casa Santos Lima – Companhia das Vinhas; Cortes de Cima, S.A.; Coteaux da Murta-Bucelas S.Unip Lda.; Dão Sul – Sociedade Vitivinícola, S.A.; Esporão Vendas e Marketing; Ewine, Lda; Fiuza & Bright – Sociedade Vitivinícola, Lda.; João Teodósio Matos Barbosa & Filhos, Lda.; João Portugal Ramos Vinhos, S.A.; José Maria da Fonseca Vinhos, S.A.; Luís Pato, Unipessoal, Lda.; Mouchão; Niepoort Vinhos S.A.; Quinta da Alorna Vinhos Lda.; Quinta da Plansel; Quinta da Murta – Bucelas; Quinta de Curvos – Sociedade Agrícola, S.A.; Quinta do; Crasto, S.A.; ROZÈS, S.A.; SAVEN S.A.; Sensi Wine Lda.; Serrano Mira Sociedade Vinícola S.A.; Soc. Agrícola Casal de Ventozela S.A.; Vinusoalleirus, Lda.; WWS – Wine With Spirit, S.A.


Schedule of the event:


10:00 am – 11:30 am – Commented tasting (Masterclass) of Portuguese fine wines for professionals.

12:00 am – 1:30 pm – Commented tasting (Masterclass) of Portuguese fine wines for   professionals.

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm Tasting of Portuguese fine wines for professionals.

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Wine tasting for the open public.


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The Polish – Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC), founded in 2008 in Warsaw, is an independent, non-profit organization that sets out to promote the interests of its ca. 200 member companies in respect to the commercial links between businesses in Poland, Portugal and the Portuguese speaking countries. The Chamber of Commerce offers support in the establishment of commercial contacts, match-making, ad hoc legal advice, organization of individual and group trade missions, market research, training and recruitment services. Our members are the main Portuguese companies operating in the Polish market, Polish businesses that already maintain, or plan to establish business relations with the Portuguese market, as well as multinational companies. The President of the PPCC is Mr. Pedro Pereira da Silva, Chief Operations Officer at Jerónimo Martins Group and Country Manager in Poland.

ViniPortugal is the Interprofessional Association of the Portuguese Wine Industry and the entity managing the brand Wines of Portugal. Its aim is to promote the image of Portugal as a wine producing country par excellence by valuing the brand Wines of Portugal. Founded in 1997 as a private non-profit association, it groups leading associations and professional organizations representing the trade (ANCEVE and ACIBEV), production (FENAVI and FEVIPOR), cooperative wineries (FENADEGAS), distillers (AND), farmers (CAP) and demarcated regions (ANDOVI). Through ViniPortugal, the brand Wines of Portugal is consistently present in 4 continents and 11 strategic markets. With an annual investment of around 7 million Euros, ViniPortugal carries out over 100 annual Portuguese wine promotional actions involving around 350 national wine producers.