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Newsletter – Sadkowski i Wspólnicy

15-10-2021 Membros

On behalf of our Member company Sadkowski i Wspólnicy, we would like to share with you the newest edition of its newsletter.

The Law Firm Sadkowski i Wspólnicy provides legal services through a team of lawyers who are specialists in their areas of practice, such as Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law, Tax Law, and many others. Once in a quarter, the company launches its newsletter focused on the Tax Law, in which they share their specialized knowledge in this area.

In the newest edition of the newsletter, the experts wrote about the following topics:
•    Usage of software facilitating risk management should be exempt from VAT taxation – ECJ C-58/20 and C-59/20 of 17 June 2021
•    Ignoring tax office request to submit full documentation eliminates the right to VAT refund – ECJ C-294/20 of 9 September 2021
•    Portugal transposed the EU DAC6 rules into its domestic law
•    Received price, even if not declared in a tax declaration, should be deemed as containing VAT –ECJ C-521/19 of July 1 2021
•    Major changes in Polish tax system. Polish government on its road towards adoption of the so called Polish Deal – pandemic recovery program plan

We encourage you to read it!