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Konto 360º do Bank Millennium com um bónus de 300 PLN

25-02-2016 MembrosNotícias

Começou a terceira edição das contas Konto 360º e Konto 360º Estudante do Bank Millennium, preparada em cooperação com a Groupon.pl.. Estas contas oferecem a oportunidade a novos clientes a oportunidade de ganhar um bónus de até 300 PLN.

In the promotion a PLN 5 voucher can be bought on Groupon.pl. The buyer of such a voucher who by 31 March 2016 opens a Konto 360º or Konto 360º Student by applying via the link on the voucher can get two financial prizes:

– a one-off prize of PLN 30 after activating the Bank Millennium mobile app by the deadline of 31 March 2016

– a prize of 6% (not more than PLN 30) of the value of non-cash transactions made with the debit card or by use of BLIK and booked on the customer’s account in the settlement period, if the account is credited in the settlement period with money in an amount not lower than PLN 1500. The promotion shall span nine settlement periods (they overlap calendar months except the first one).


The promotion can be attended by persons who have no product in Bank Millennium and are not or were not authorised to use any account in the bank as co-owner, attorney, statutory representative, guardian or curator.

The promotion vouchers shall be sold on Groupon.pl until 15 march 2016 or until they last. The promotion will continue until 30 November 2016 and will not be combined with other promotions concerning Konto 360º and Konto 360º Student. Promotion details can be found in the regulations available in the Bank’s branches and on www.bankmillennium.pl as well as on Groupon.pl.

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