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Robot instead of HR Department: Artificial Intelligence in Labor Law

30-10-2023 Conselhos de especialistasMembrosNotícias

The advancement of new technologies and artificial intelligence certainly streamlines, and in many cases even automates, an increasing number of processes, including those within HR departments. However, some tools raise significant concerns and reservations. This is especially true when we talk about the so-called high-risk area, including, among others, recruitment, promotions, or decisions regarding the termination of cooperation. The use of these systems directly impacts our lives and finances.

It is crucial to regulate this, emphasizes Magdalena Nurzyńska-Sawicka from the Employment Law Practice at Kochański & Partners, who is examining specific proposals of the EU regulation. At the same time, she points to the current regulations and the ongoing obligations of employers resulting from them, which they are not always aware of.


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