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New PPCC Regional Representative

We have a pleasure to introduce our new Regional Representative of Silesia Region: Sylwia Macura-Targosz, senior associate at Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak law firm. Sylwia is the Head of our Member’s SK&S office in Katowice. As a specialist in IT law, she is a member of the New Technologies Law Association. Furthermore, Sylwia excels in the field of personal data protection and privacy. She acts as Data Protection Officer for clients and supports entrepreneurs in proceedings conducted by the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

We welcome Sylwia on board and we are looking forward for our cooperation!

New PPCC Regional Representatives

We would like to announce the last changes in the PPCC Regional Representation structure.

On 23th of April 2024 the Board of the PPCC accepted the recommendations of General Director, Wojciech Baczyński, for the appointment of two new PPCC Regional Representatives.

After many years of representing the Chamber in Wrocław, we would like to express big thank you to Anna Partyka-Opiela for her contribution and cooperation during past years. We trully appreciate her input.

Saying that, we would like to annouce our new Regional Representative for Lower Silesia – Anna Szermach from LS CORPORATE Legal Szermach, our Member company.

Anna Szermach is a holder of PhD in legal sciences and a licensed Advocate, specialized in commercial and civil law. With extensive experience in conducting educational activities, she delivered lectures at the Faculty of Law at the University of Wroclaw and WSB University. Beyond academic pursuits, Anna Szermach gladly contributes pro bono to various educational initiatives, advocating for the rule of law in Poland.

We are also thrilled to introduce the second Regional Representative Sławomir Deleżuch, who will join Eduardo Serra Jorge, in region of Algarve. Sławomir Deleżuch is CEO and co-owner of SMSBIZ, our Member company.

Sławomir Deleżuch is a versatile executive with over two decades of leadership experience in finance, media, and management across Europe. Holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting from Warsaw University and an Engineering degree focused on Enterprise Management. Recognised for strategic vision, financial expertise, and an entrepreneurial approach to business challenges.

We are pleased to have you on board and looking forward for upcoming cooperation!

Get “The ESG Leader” title!

On behalf of our member company PwC PolskaWarsaw Stock Exchange and NN Investment Partners TFI, we invite you to the second edition of the competition.

  • Is sustainable development included in your company’s strategy?
  • You and your team are working on an innovative product that supports environmental protection or sustainable social
  • Do you teach others how to positively influence society and nature?

ESG Leader is a title awarded to companies and institutions that have and implement an outstanding ESG strategy, offer innovative products and services supporting environmental protection or sustainable social development, and conduct effective information and promotion campaigns in the field of sustainable development.

As in the first edition, companies and institutions can apply for the title of “ESG Leader” in three categories:

  • ESG Strategy
  • Innovation in the field of ESG
  • Educational program in the field of ESG

More information about the competition “ESG Leaders” can be found at www.liderzyesg.pl. We are waiting for applications for the competition until September 30.

Participation in the competition is free of charge.

PPCC and CCIP about Portuguese companies present in Poland

Since February 24th, the situation in Ukraine has shifted the global economy. Portugal and Poland, whose commercial relations are promoted by the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), manage the interest of 200 member companies and share the experience that has been of the two countries’ economic relations.

In an interview with Executive Digest, Pedro Magalhães – Head of International Trade of CCIP – and Wojciech Baczyński – General Director of PPCC – have stated that, in general, all the Portuguese companies associated with the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce have kept their regular work while expressing the will to act and aid the Ukrainian population that arrives in Poland, from both corporate and individual agents. Amid the economic and commercial significative impact that some companies have felt, both Chambers have been doing customized support work for companies, clarifying the doubts, displaying information, and, most importantly, stimulating a direct contact and relation between Portuguese exporter companies and the central Polish importers, distributors, and clients.

“The opportunities keep coming, the market is still functioning and there is still the search for products and services made in Portugal”, both stated. The Directors recognize the advantage of being on top of the occurrences and thus being more prepared with the necessary means so that member companies can avoid less risk and, simultaneously, begin and swiftly grow their businesses in the Polish market.

DFJ Vinhos, RFF & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, and Syone, member companies of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce share their personal experience in the Polish market during this particular time.



We are pleased to share with you the information about the release of “METAVERSE REPORT KOCHAŃSKI & PARTNERS“, which is the first extensive report on the metaverse in Poland.

The authors of the report – an interdisciplinary team of experts from Kochański & Partners – present the metaverse as a collective virtual space bringing together physical and digital reality which, from the perspective of the participant, is based on the creation of a sense of interpenetration between the real world and the virtual world.

  • What does the metaverse mean for business?
  • What legal challenges will the development of the metaverse bring?
  • How can your business thrive in this new reality?

METAVERSE REPORT KOCHAŃSKI & PARTNERS provides a legal perspective on a variety of areas surrounding the metaverse, i.a.:

  • property rights and web 3.0,
  • advertising,
  • trademarks,
  • AI,
  • NFT,
  • crypto-assets and the MICA Regulation.

We encourage you to visit Kochański & Partners’ website and download the report (click here). 

The report was coordinated by: Łukasz WęgrzynSzymon Ciach, and Aleksandra Ryżkowska.

The report was partnered by Synapse Network and ITwiz.

PPCC General Meeting Overview

Dear PPCC Members,

Today, 10th March 2022, the Annual General Meeting  of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) took place. The event was organized in a virtual format.

The General Assembly approved:

  1. The Financial Statements of the Chamber 2021.
  2. PPCC Management Board composition for the period of 2022-2024, as follows:


Mr. João Brás Jorge in representation of Bank Millennium.


Mr. Joaquim Barbosa in representation of EDP-Renewables.

Board Members:

Mr. Ricardo Almeida in representation of Jeronimo Martins Polska;

Mr. Arnaldo Guerreiro in representation of Eurocash;

Mr. Piotr Bienias in representation of Mota-Engil Central Europe;

Mrs. Katarzyna Knapkiewicz-Dubińska in representation of Colep Consumer Products;

Mrs. Izabella Paszak in representation of Browary Łódzkie S.A;

Mr. Tiago Costa in representation of LPR;

Mr. Piotr Tomasz Komorowski in representation of Bakoma S.A.;

Mr. José Luis Villacampa Varea in representation of DZP;

Mr Adam Tencza in representation of Paytel S.A.

We would like to thank our Member Companies and all the Guests very much for participating in this important event for the PPCC.

Should you have any questions or comments about the Event, please contact:

Mr. Wojciech Baczyński:
Phone: +48 696 760 925

E-mail: wb@ppcc.pl


Kind regards,


“O.E. 2022: Propostas Fiscais” RFF & Associados, 26th of October 2021, presential

RFF & Associados will hold its annual Conference “O.E. 2022: Propostas Fiscais” on the State Budget where it will analyze the news of the State Budget Law Proposal for 2022. It will have the presence of Rogério Fernandes Ferreira, partner and founder of RFF & Associados and former secretary of state for tax affairs.

This Conference will take place on Tuesday, October 26, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, in the Almada Negreiros room of the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), in Lisbon.

Participation is free of charge but prior registration is necessary here.

The event will be held in the Portuguese language.

Newsletter – Sadkowski i Wspólnicy

On behalf of our Member company Sadkowski i Wspólnicy, we would like to share with you the newest edition of its newsletter.

The Law Firm Sadkowski i Wspólnicy provides legal services through a team of lawyers who are specialists in their areas of practice, such as Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law, Tax Law, and many others. Once in a quarter, the company launches its newsletter focused on the Tax Law, in which they share their specialized knowledge in this area.

In the newest edition of the newsletter, the experts wrote about the following topics:
•    Usage of software facilitating risk management should be exempt from VAT taxation – ECJ C-58/20 and C-59/20 of 17 June 2021
•    Ignoring tax office request to submit full documentation eliminates the right to VAT refund – ECJ C-294/20 of 9 September 2021
•    Portugal transposed the EU DAC6 rules into its domestic law
•    Received price, even if not declared in a tax declaration, should be deemed as containing VAT –ECJ C-521/19 of July 1 2021
•    Major changes in Polish tax system. Polish government on its road towards adoption of the so called Polish Deal – pandemic recovery program plan

We encourage you to read it!

Sadkowski i Wspólnicy – newsletter

On behalf of our Member company Sadkowski i Wspólnicy, we would like to share with you the newest edition of its newsletter.

The Law Firm Sadkowski i Wspólnicy provides legal services through a team of lawyers who are specialists in their areas of practice, such as Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law, Tax Law, and many others. Once in a quarter, the company launches its newsletter focused on the Tax Law, in which they share their specialized knowledge in this area.

In the newest edition of the newsletter, the experts wrote about the following topics:

  • Payments made by the Polish company to its Portuguese counterparty for licensing
  • computer software are not subject to the Polish withholding tax on royalties.
  • Fixed establishment implies the permanent presence of both the human and technical resources.
  • Nutrition monitoring services cannot be deemed to be a provision of medical care
    and therefore are not exempted from VAT.
  • VAT paid on market study services regarding potential investment can be deducted
    even if finally the investment had not taken place.
  • Poland in the course of introducing VAT Group regulations.
  • Portugal nonresidents have to use authorised software to issue VAT invoices.
  • Portugal: Essential elements of VAT electronic invoices.

We encourage you to read it!

PwC became a partner of the Microsoft Envision Forum

The PPCC is pleased to inform that our member company PwC became a partner of the Microsoft Envision Forum.

On behalf of PwC, we invite you to participate in the event, listen to experts from Poland and around the world, learn about the practical applications of technology and join the group of Polish business innovators.

The event will take place on 17th March 2021.

This meeting is a guide to the world of safe innovations and digital transformations, which are the foundation for the development of modern companies from various industry sectors. Our member company PwC is a partner of this event, and its experts will also share their experience.

  • Marcin Makusak will talk to Magdalena Ociepka, CFO Inpost and Andrzej Grochowalski, CIO Inpost about data-driven organization and Power BI implementation on Azure,
  • During the roundtable meeting, Anna Sieńko will discuss transformation projects in the field of Front Office transformation and customer experience,
  • Piotr Łuba will take part in the discussion panel “Many industries, one customer domain” and will talk, among others, about customer-centricity, digital platforms and the use of data.

We encourage you to register via the link.