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Anti-crisis shield in Poland – invitation for webinars from our member companies

31-03-2020 Experts' advises

Dear PPCC Members,

On behalf of our two PPCC member companies- Advicero Nexia and Deloitte, we would like to invite you for webinars regarding the anti-crisis shield in Poland.

The Polish economy is currently at a crossroads due to the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. By passing the law called the “Anti-crisis Shield”, the government wants to protect financial liquidity of Polish entrepreneurs from possible consequences of the pandemic. Taking part in the webinars will help you to understand better the most important issues regarding the “Anti-crisis Shield”, concerning tax and legal procedures proposed due to spreading COVID-19 in Poland, that make it easier to conduct business activities during this difficult time.

Both webinars will be held in Polish and are free of charge.



Anti-crisis Shield- Government signposts for Entrepreneurs in the face of a pandemic

 3rd of April at 10 AM.

 Agenda and registration:




The anti-crisis shield: what you should know?

31st of March at 11 AM.

3rd of April at 11 AM.

To register please send an email to: sdmytruk@advicero.eu including your name, surname and name of the company