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Starting today third-party-only and comprehensive motor insurance available in Bank Millennium completely online–in the mobile app and in the transactional banking system.

04-11-2016 MembersNews

Thanks to the innovative solution customers of Bank Millennium can now buy motor insurance in the mobile app and in the Millenet transactional system. The purchase process is fully bespoke. Bank Millennium is the first bank on the market to use scanning of the Aztec graphic code from the vehicle’s registration papers. Purchasing the insurance is intuitive and fast.


The solution allows customers of Bank Millennium to purchase third-party-only and comprehensive motor insurance as well as roadside assistance, personal injury and window glass insurance completely online. The insurance can be bought in the mobile app, Millenet online banking system or by using both channels at the same time, with seamless migration between them. After scanning the code from the registration papers (using the mobile app) the vehicle data will be uploaded automatically and – this is unique on the market – will appear both in the mobile app as well as in Millenet. The customer’s personal data will also be filled-in automatically, so it is sufficient to answer a few short questions to complete the insurance purchase process.In each stage the customer can save the application and continue the process on any device.


Bank Millennium’s first partner in the new project is ERGO Hestia Group with mtu24.pl, You Can Drive and ERGO Hestia brands. These are simple insurance products, which do not require personalised advice. Apart from simplifying the process of buying motor insurance by means of using an Aztec code scan, the bank’s customers can pay the insurance premium in 12 monthly instalments without additional charges, which allows them to buy broader insurance cover. This option is available irrespective of the premium amount and the monthly payments will be collected automatically from the customer’s account. This is a response to the changes of insurance prices on the market – by splitting the premium into monthly payments it will be less of a burden for customers. At the same time this offers customers the opportunity e.g. to choose broader insurance cover than in case of a premium paid all at once. When selecting a single premium payment the customer can choose the current account or credit card to pay it.
In the new process customers can buy various types of motor insurance, depending on their needs. It can be standard third-party-only, as well as various types of extended insurance, different in terms of i.a. types of events covered, method of loss adjustment or geographic coverage. The offering includes the market-unique AC mini, which provides cover for partial and complete losses caused by fire and theft. Additionally customers can also extend the policy to include popular roadside assistance insurance(with coverage in Poland or Europe, depending on the option selected), personal injury or window glass insurance, which also protects comprehensive insurance no-claims bonus in case of window glass breakage.


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