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Standard Audit File in Millenet for Companies

10-01-2017 MembersNews

In reply to growing interest of Customers, Bank Millennium has enabled automatic generation of JPK_WB reports in the format required by the Ministry of Finance. The new service in Millenet online banking makes life much easier for businesses required to furnish files in this specific format to tax inspection authorities.   


Ordering and receiving JPK_WB reports directly in electronic banking saves companies time and money. Thanks to automation of the process they can count on reduction of the duration of tax inspections carried out in their organisations as well as less involvement of their staff in the proceedings. Additionally the possibility to generate JPK (SAF) improves efficiency of control over internal processes in a company and facilitates data analysis. Also important is the fact that the bank will update the structure of reports in case of changes made by the Ministry of Finance. – Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium explained.


What is SAF?

A Standard Audit File-Tax – SAF-T) is a set of data exported from a company’s data systems. It contains information about business transactions in the particular period. The file has a standardised layout and format (XML schema) to facilitate processing. SAF is an instrument successfully used in many EU countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Portugal and the United Kingdom.


In Poland the requirement to generate SAF files was introduced by the Ministry of Finance on 1 July 2016. For now it applies to companies employing more than 250 employees and with turnover exceeding EUR 50m or with total assets over EUR 43m. In the future it will also become obligatory for smaller businesses.


SAF in Millenet online banking system

SAF reports concerning bank statements can be used both as basic reports – ready to be furnished to tax inspectors, as well as auxiliary reports – permitting verification of data extracted from the company’s systems. A customer requesting the report will only define its key parameters such as period covered, Tax Office, to which the report is to be sent as well as additional persons who are to receive it (the listed persons will get a message with a link for downloading the report). The generated report can reach back as far as 6 years and what is important, it can contain information about all accounts maintained during this period, even if they are already closed at the time of requesting the report. The new service shall be launched in reply to the Customer’s written request.


SAF advantages

– reduction of costs of implementing dedicated tools for generating reports in SAF format

– data for JPK_WB reports are always up to date and available 6 years back

– updating JPK_WB structure by Bank Millennium without the need to interfere with the customer’s systems in case of changes made by the Ministry of Finance


Online sending of documents required in the credit process


Another innovation in the Millenet for Companies online banking system is a module permitting enclosing and sending of documents required in the credit process. In this way entrepreneurs do not have to deliver paper documents personally to a branch or Relationship Manager. It is enough if they scan them, attach and send to the bank. Documents sent in this way reach the Credit Products Service Team in real time to significantly speed-up and simplify the entire process.


The “Documents and Applications -> Add Document” module supports all the most popular file formats, such as tiff, jpg, pdf, docx, xlsx etc. A single batch can contain 10 individual files up to 10 MB. It is planned to develop the service further and to enable sending of documents also for other types of products.


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