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The Polish market is among the biggest in the European Union, with a structure increasingly similar to that of the highly developed European countries. It also displays a unique growth potential in comparison to other markets in the area. However, this large market shows significant differences, either geographical or cultural, which means that, when doing business in Poland, one soon realizes that finding local partners for support is crucial.

The Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) offers vital assistance in that matter. With ca. 200 members, the Chamber groups major Portuguese companies operating in Poland, as well as Polish firms with relations and interests in Portuguese businesses. In order to help Polish and Portuguese-speaking entrepreneurs grow their business, the PPCC provides a wide range of services to its members and non-members in Poland and Portugal.

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You are kindly invited to the Virtual Office at the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. The Office is located on the 8th floor in the protected office complex Starościńska-Wiśniowa on 17 Rejtana Street in Mokotów District, close to the Pole Mokotowskie Metro Station. The facility is located near the Europlex, banking, financial and entertainment center with restaurants, as well as the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Communication by car with Puławska Street, Niepodległości Avenue and Lazienkowska Route. Getting to the center of Warsaw with important hotels and offices takes about 10 minutes. The Warsaw Chopin Airport is located only 15 minutes drive from the Office.

The Virtual office in PPCC offers you:

– provision of an address for the registration of your company;

– the possibility of using the PPCC’s address in the documents or materials of your company;

– the receipt of your business correspondence;

– the possibility of using the PPCC’s equipment (workplace, access to the Internet, printer, copier, scanner, access to the kitchen, coffee, tea, water);

– access to the conference room for 10-12 people.

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PPCC organizes business missions for Portuguese entrepreneurs in Poland and Polish entrepreneurs in Portugal. We look for, find and put Portuguese and Polish companies in touch with potential business partners. We also take care of such missions’ logistics: hotels, transportation, translators etc. Trade missions can be very helpful as ‘match-making’ events and result in the pinpointing of new foreign trade business opportunities.

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The PPCC offers business partner search, to find Polish and Portuguese exporters, importers, producers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers, agents and wholesalers in all areas of business activity. We can recommend your company, products or services to a carefully selected list of businesses and provide you with names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and websites of companies in Poland and Portugal that might be of interest to you.

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If you would like to promote your company and your product, or if you have a special offer, a business opportunity or an event you would like to advertise, please use our website, newsletter and database, or take advantage of one of our meetings/events.

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When you are looking for new qualified employees, we are ready to select people with the best profile from our CV database and help you get in touch with them. We can also advertise your job offer on our website and in the PPCC newsletter.

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Since sometimes the language can be a significant barrier in negotiations in a foreign country, the PPCC offers you translation and interpreting services. The Chamber can provide these services directly or help hire Portuguese-Polish or Portuguese-English professional interpreters.

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The Chamber offers valuable assistance in conducting market researches in Poland and Portugal, providing you with specific information and data tailored to your needs. The PPCC is your best partner in obtaining top business consultancy in both countries.

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We will be happy to organize business mixers, business breakfasts, conferences or seminars for you. The PPCC can provide you full service organization, starting with the invitations, space rental, catering and anything else you may need. Just send us your requirements and preferences and we will take care of everything.

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If you are looking for a hotel or a conference room, we will be happy to make all the necessary arrangements, both in Poland and in Portugal. Our vast contacts in these areas allow the Chamber to find the best hotels and conference rooms for the best price.