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PPCC gives patronage to “Patka and Pepe – Aventura Brasileira”

24-11-2015 Culture & tourismMembersNews

Coming this December – “Patka and Pepe. Aventura Brasileira” – yet another amazing adventure from the detective series written by Aga Szczepanska. This time Patka and Pepe are solving crimes in the tropical Brazil!!!

Our two main young detectives, under the watchful eye of uncle Wężowski, land in Rio de Janeiro and embark on an incredible journey along the coastline down to Sao Paulo, attracting along the way, a chain of unexpected and tangling affairs. Who’s the mysterious Flamengo kid? Why is the dog wearing shoes? And what does the famous footballer have to do with this? What are the Whiners-Complainers so afraid of? Is the Bird Queen going to save the Dreamer? And will our tiny heroes manage to solve this mystery and help their friends? As usual, illustrations made by Marsija and the mind blowing cover page created by an artist from Brazil.

Author of the cover: Cassio Markowski-Ferreira

It’s our great pleasure to inform that the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce has conceded its Patronage to “Patka and Pepe. Aventura Brasileira”.

(Print house Studio Moema – Warsaw 2015, hard cover, 176 pages, ISBN 978-83-933072-6-5).


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