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Mota-Engil Central Europe: Nysa Bypass

26-10-2016 MembersNews

The progress of the contract for the construction of a Nysa bypass road, what means received and invoiced works, already amounts to more than 60%. The construction was started in the end of 2014 year and its completion is scheduled for October 2017.


Currently, works are carried on all 14 bridge structures. All the foundations for the objects and most of the supports were made. Preparatory works on the bridge structures and on their foundations have been completed.

The bypass road will be 16.5 km long, including 7.4 km as a segment of national road no. 46 (dual carriageway road) and 9.1 km as a segment of national road no. 41 (single carriageway road).The project involves the construction of 14 bridge structures, including the longest 383-meters long bridge over the river Nysa Kłodzka.

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