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Trusted Profile in Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium’s online banking system can be used to create a Trusted Profile, which gives online access to 7/24 public administration services. Because the customer’s identity is confirmed by the bank, it is not necessary to go to a government office to set up the profile. Customers will logon using the same data as when logging on to Millenet and will authorise their instructions on e-administration websites by logging on to the bank and entering SMS P@ssword.


After the October launch of ZUS Electronic Services Platform via Millenet, implementation of the same method of access to Trusted Profile is another step supporting the development of digital public administration in Poland. We are one of the first banks to offer this possibility. Thanks to the Trusted Profile our customers get secure and very convenient access to more than ten public administration websites. All this in the comfort of your home, simply by logging on to the Bank Millennium online system – Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium said.


Trusted Profile is a free-of-charge electronic signature, which permits handling official business on public administration websites including ePUAP, PUE ZUS, CEIDG etc. The Trusted Profile may be used to:

– register a business,

– submit tax returns, requests and sign documents online,

– report loss or mutilation of a Personal Identity Card,

– obtain copies of vital records (marriage, birth and death certificates),

– apply for European Health Insurance Card,

– apply for a new driving license,

And get many other services provided by e-administration.


The process of setting up the Profile is very simple. You log on to the Millenet online banking system and select Trusted Profile from the My Finances – MilleUrząd menu. Then you give the necessary approvals and check if data in the form are correct (name, surname, PESEL number). The only information, which you must enter manually in the system, is phone number and e-mail address. Finally you will approve setting up the profile with SMS P@ssword. After approval the Trusted Profile will be active and you will be able to logon to e-administration.


Trusted Profile is valid for 3 years. A person may have only one active Trusted Profile, which in practice means that it can be linked to an online banking system of one bank only.


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City transport tickets and parking fees in Bank Millennium’s mobile app

Bank Millennium via its mobile app has introduced the possibility to purchase city transport tickets and pay parking fees. City transport passengers can now buy a ticket conveniently, validate it and show it in their phone to a ticket inspector. Meanwhile car drivers will use their phone to pay for actual parking time, without the need to pay up front, as in a parking meter.


Using the service is very simple. The user may logon to the app and select the menu option Tickets and parking meters. To buy a city transport ticket it is necessary to select the city, the carrier and type of ticket, validate the ticket in the app and e.g. set it up as a widget before logon, which allows its easy demonstration when tickets are being checked in the vehicle, without the need to have internet access


In case of parking fees it is enough to give the car registration number, select the city, zone and duration of parking and leave a moBILET vignette, available free of charge in the Paid Parking Zone Bureau or a sheet of paper with the word “moBILET” behind the windscreen. The user may select a “no time limit” option and finish parking at any time, or the “defined time” parking option, which also allows the parking time to be extended or shortened. In either case the customer will only pay for actual parking time. Parking fees shall be drawn automatically from a defined account in Bank Millennium.


The new service is offered in cooperation with Mobile Traffic DATA (moBILET), who were the first in Poland to launch the service of charging for actual parking time in paid parking zones and buying city transport tickets by phone.


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Customers of Bank Millennium can already pay contactless with their phones

Bank Millennium has launched a service, which permits paying with a smartphone as with a contactless card. The service uses HCE technology and allows a virtual card to be created in the bank’s mobile app. Thanks to this customers can make payments quickly and conveniently without the need to carry cash or a plastic card.


Contactless payments with a smartphone remain a novelty, however gaining in popularity among customers. This extremely simple and intuitive solution allows a smartphone to be used just as a plastic contactless card. Contactless payments in Poland are already supported by approx. 90% terminals. Moreover Poland is among the world leaders in terms of speed of adoption of new technologies by consumers. This leads us to believe that contactless payments with a phone will have an enthusiastic reception on part of our customers – Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium commented.


Customers who create a Mobile Mastercard card in the Bank Millennium app will be able to use their phone to pay wherever Mastercard contactless payments are accepted, i.e. in any of the 6 million terminals worldwide. The phone just needs to be unblocked and brought to the terminal, the same as with a traditional contactless card. In case of transactions over PLN 50 it is necessary to key-in the PIN number in the terminal. Activation of the virtual card and use of the service are free of charge. The card shall remain valid for 4 years.


HCE (Host Card Emulation) payments require a phone with one of the most popular operating systems i.e. Android 4.4 (or later versions) with an NFC aerial and the Bank Millennium mobile app. What is important is that an internet connection is not necessary at the time of payment because 10 consecutive payment can be made offline (at the next internet connection the series of 10 payments will be reset). The service is provided in cooperation with Mastercard.


Mastercard research shows that younger consumers find it more difficult today to make do without a phone, than without a wallet. This trend will continue and plastic cards will increasingly often be replaced with their digital smartphone-related counterparts. Such Mastercard technologies as data encryption, cloud computing-based payments or tokenisation permit making a step towards innovative payments with observance of highest standards of security. Now this, coupled with the open mind the Poles have for innovative technologies as well as an excellently developed infrastructure will result in contactless mobile payments rapidly gaining in popularity in Poland – Bartosz Ciołkowski, Country Manager Poland in Mastercard Europe said.


What makes HCE special among technologies, which permit mobile payments, is that it is independent of telecom service providers. A contract with a network operator is not required because the data needed for a transaction are not specific to the SIM card in the phone, but are stored in a cloud, which is provided by Mastercard’s tokenisation platform (MDES). Data generated for a transaction do not identify the owner of the virtual card and are linked directly with the token i.e. the number assigned to a specific device. This means that payments may be made only with the phone, to which the card was assigned, thus additionally improving security of the transaction.


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Customers of Bank Millennium can now register pre-paid SIM cards in the online banking system

Bank Millennium has just now implemented the service of registering pre-paid SIM cards. Thus the Bank’s customers who have a pre-paid phone can make mandatory registration without the need to visit the operator’s outlet – completely online and free of charge. Bank Millennium is first bank in Poland to offer this service.


– Seeking convenient solutions for customers not only in the area of financial services, we have now provided them with a very simple way to make mandatory registration of SIM cards in the Millenet internet banking system. Our system allows the user’s identity to be checked in a secure way; hence the card may be registered completely online, without the need to visit the mobile operator’s point of sale. With our help the customer will register the pre-paid phone free of charge, not losing eligibility for promotions offered by the mobile operators – Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium said.


The service is available to all customers with active access to the internet banking system, who have opened an account in a Millennium branch or having opened the account online, confirmed their identity in a branch.


The registration process is extremely easy and fast. Just two fields must be filled-in: phone number and number of SIM card (the system explains how to find it). Based on the phone number the system will automatically select the operator from the six available ones: T-Mobile, Orange, Plus, PLAY, Heyah and nju mobile. The operator may also be selected manually. Such data as name, surname and PESEL number will be filled-in automatically. It is only necessary to agree to send them to the selected operator and to the service provider. The registration process has additional security provided by using an SMS password to approve the operation.


The Bank has contracted Blue Media S.A. to provide the service in technical terms. In keeping with current regulations a pre-paid SIM card cannot be anonymous and to use a phone with such a card it must be registered with the mobile network operator. The deadline for registration of currently used cards is 31 January 2017.


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Mortgage loan with no fees in Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium cancels mortgage loan fees.Now, individual clients applying for Mortgage Loans, Home Equity Loans or mortgage Consolidation Loans will pay no fees for loan granting. Moreover, there are no conditions to be met to pay no fee. It is enough to submit application during the promotional campaign i.e. until 31 December 2016.


We want our clients to have better access to mortgage loans. Hence, we have added to the offer 0% of fee for loan applications under the programme „Home for the Young” other mortgage products offered to individual clients. We are among the leading banks offering flexible loan granting criteria and we stand out with high quality of service confirmed, inter alia, by permanent place on the podium in annual Newsweek’s rating in the category –Mortgage Banking.Now, we want to add even more attractive price offer, hoping to meet high interest of persons looking for funding of their housing needs– saysAgataChrzanowska, Director of Mortgage Loan Sub-unit in Bank Millennium.


Active clients applying for Mortgage Loan in Bank Millennium, may also take advantage of reduced margin:

– by0,3%, if they are account holders and holders of debit card attached to the account in Bank Millennium and execute cashless transactions with their card to the minimum amount of 500 PLN monthly;

– by0,5% if they are account holders and holders of debit card attached to the account in Bank Millennium, and each month their salary or monthly income flows into the account and they execute cashless transactions with their card to the minimum amount of 500 PLN monthly.


For more, visitwww.bankmillennium.pl


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Krzysztof Krak is reinforcing DZP’s compliance team




We are pleased to announce that Krzysztof Krak, who specialises in compliance solutions and prevention of fraud and corruption systems, joined DZP as Counsel at the beginning of October. Krzysztof is an experienced expert in implementation of analytical solutions in the areas of IT, organisation and training.

Before joining DZP, he was Director of Office of the Head of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. He supervised anti-corruption education and prevention activities of the Bureau and coordinated and actively participated in the implementation of the Governmental Corruption Prevention Programme 2014-2019 tasks. Before that, since 2006, he had been Director of the Analysis Department. He had worked for years at the Police Headquarters, and his responsibilities included coordinating international cooperation activities and heading the Polish National Interpol Office.

He has authored publications and lectured at many conferences and seminars on corruption prevention and combating.

A graduate of the Police Academy in Szczytno, he also graduated in law from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin and in European integration and security from the Pultusk Academy of Humanities.

Effective compliance systems are the first line of defence against violation risks for businesses. DZP has handled compliance matters for many years now but the compliance specialization was formally formed two years ago. A team of experienced DZP experts from 12 legal specialisations ensures that compliance procedures are observed. The team is lead by Dr Anna Partyka-Opiela and Dr Joanna Schubel.