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Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A.


Jerónimo Martins Distribuição de Produtos de Consumo (JMD) is a leading distributor of many international brands (food and cosmetics). Established over 215 years ago, the company owns more than 1 400 stores and is present in various markets. In Poland, JMD manages the Biedronka brand, owning the largest chain of retail stores; it’s also one of the largest investors.

ul. Dolna 3
00-773 Warsaw

Joinco Polska Sp. z o.o.

Import, Export, Distribution & Trading

Joinco provides a wide range of non-food products for companies in Portugal, such as Pingo Doce and Recheio, and still sells in large volumes of expression to Biedronka in Poland or Electric Co.
The line of small gear products ElectricCo is provided to Pingo Doce and Recheio in exclusivity, yet also being sold to Biedronka in Poland.

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ul. Cybernetyki 9
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Know How Leasing Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Human Resources

Know How Leasing is a recruitment and consulting company with Digital and marketing background. In terms of recruitment, they specialize in executive search and finding professionals experienced especially in Digital, e-commerce, data and marketing. Know How Leasing leads full recruitment process with strong focus on in-depth Digital skills verification. Also, provide experienced professionals in body leasing model, help companies to lead Digital transformation. They offer vast range of trainings and workshops building crucial subject matter capabilities and managerial skills.

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Czerska 8/10
00-732 Warsaw

Kochański & Partners Sp. K.


We combine technological progress, experience, and expertise to create innovative legal solutions and offer our clients top quality services.

We never rest in the face of the challenges of an ever-changing world – but take steady steps into the future.

Our team of nearly 100 top lawyers works in interdisciplinary groups, fusing expertise with an innovative business approach.

We operate in 5 key sectors to give us a holistic view of business:

  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Technology, Science & Industry.

We merge law, technology, and certification to create comprehensive legal products. Our unconventional approach has been recognized in prestigious international and Polish rankings.

Meet Kochański & Partners – the law firm of tomorrow.

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Plac Pilsudskiego 1
00-078 Warsaw

Litoral Properties

Real Estate

Litoral properties is a real estate agency operating on the Polish, Portuguese, and international markets. The company has several years of experience in selling premium development projects, gained while selling the most prestigious development projects in Poland. We are a team that has known each other for years, together we are responsible for the sales success of the prestigius Cosmopolitan apartment building, designed by one of the most recognizable architects in the world – Helmut Jahn. We are distinguished by expert knowledge , several years of experience on the exclusive real esate market, range, well-established contacts and innovation.

Using our knowladge of the market, passion and courage – we crossed the borders of Poland and went to places that we know and recommend not only in terms of investment, but also to life full of new inspirations.

We cooperate with the best local partners and clients willingly use our personalized advice. We treat each transaction individually and deal with formalities at all stages of cooperation with the client. We offer consulting services in choosing the right property, conducting transations, as well as legal and tax advice. Many years of international experience, travelling and working with clients have allowed us to get to know their needs in order to be able to meet them.

Portugal is our second home, we live here every day, we know the market, language, culture, and customs prevailing here. Thanks to this, our services do not consist only of a standard real estate purchase transations, we know in which location it is the best to buy an investment property and in which a second home. We operate locally, we accompany clients during the decision-making process and guide clients through the entire property purchase process on site, in Polish. In our portfolio you will find properties throughout Portugal, from the north and around Porto through Lisbon, Cascais, Comporta to the sunny coast ofthe Algarve. From modern apartments overlooking the ocean to beautiful villas with swimming pools – we will choose the best properties, tailored to the criteria and preferences of each client.


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Hlonda 10e /206
02-972 Warsaw

LPR – La Palette Rouge Poland Sp. z o.o.

Rental wooden and plastic pallets

LPR is a leading pallet pool operator in the European FMCG sector. The company has more than 20 years of experience and is present in 8 countries: Poland, France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom covering the entire European Union market.

The company is part of Euro Pool Group, Europe’s largest logistics service provider for returnable and reusable packaging.

LPR offers a fully outsourced service which ensures that our customers always receive pallets in perfect condition from each of its 103 depots throughout Europe.

LPR cooperates with the main retailers of the FMCG sector, delivering more than 72,7 million pallets per year, managing 22.812 drop-off points in 13 countries in Europe.

(+48) 22 255 57 80
ul. Poleczki 35 (budynek Amsterdam)
02-822 Warsaw

LS CORPORATE Legal Szermach


LS CORPORATE Legal Szermach is a law office of international range which specialises in comprehensive legal and fiscal consulting for domestic and foreign entities. Those who make up our team of consultants: legal advisers, attorneys, tax advisers and lawers, who closely cooperate with certified auditors, experts, and investment consultants, have considerable experience and qualifications. We work within various disciplines, with particular emphasis on individual solutions.

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Solny Square 5/1
50-060 Wrocław

Lubelski Klub Biznesu

Business & Commercial Association

The Lublin Business Club Association is the largest regional business organization established for the needs of entrepreneurs, institutions, and people running a business in the Lublin Province. The club was established to support and integrate, as well as represent and protect the economic interests of entrepreneurs. LKB started its activity in 2000. Currently, more than 250 enterprises representing various sectors of the Polish economy in the Lublin Region. For member companies, the Club runs a promotion and information exchange system for establishing business contacts in the country and abroad. It helps in acquiring contractors and in finding strategic partners, indicates sources of financing for investment projects. It supports the economic activity of its members, among others through legal and economic consultancy, organizing training courses, seminars, and conferences on topics related to the issues of economy and management. It organizes international economic meetings and trade missions aimed at attracting foreign investors. It acts as an intermediary in providing information on available aid measures for SMEs and provides services related to writing applications. Creating a positive image of Eastern Poland, using the economic potential of this region, strengthening the competitiveness of regional enterprises, integrating economic environments – these are the main directions of the Association’s activities.

(+48) 81 532 15 77
ul. Jana Sawy 2
20-632 Lublin

MAK International Sp. z o.o.


MAK International provides brokerage services to business customers on foreign markets. The company operates through branches registered in individual countries. It has over 20-year experience in providing services to the largest businesses. The main area of its activity is the comprehensive handling of dealership packages as well as motor and property insurance. As MAK Group, they provide comprehensive insurance schemes in the area of the property, life and other personal insurance to their customers.

(+48) 22 852 30 60
ul. Domaniewska 39
02-672 Warsaw

MALO CLINIC Polska Sp. z o.o.

Health & Healthcare

Malo Clinic, founded in 1995, is now recognized worldwide for its know-how and innovation. MALO CLINIC has taken Portuguese Dental Medicine, namely in the field of implantology, to high levels of quality and recognition.

It has an internationally recognized and referenced multidisciplinary team, composed of highly qualified dentists, with more than two decades of knowledge and research, whose experience allows the resolution of complex cases.

Malo Clinic is a pioneer of the All-on-4® method – an innovative concept of rehabilitation which helps toothless patients get new, fixed teeth, that looks and functions just like natural teeth, in one day and without bone transplant. The Malo Clinic protocol maintains a high success rate 98% of the procedures performed.

Malo Clinic Polska has been operating for 13 years,  as a leader of implantology in Poland and one of the first dental clinic in Poland that performed the All-on-4® method.

MCP  has the most diverse specialties of dentistry to provide Patient with complete and detailed care. Each Patient receives detailed and personalized treatment plan.

An international medical team works in Warsaw. Doctors speak Polish, Portuguese and English.

The clinic is located in Warsaw, Mokotów.

(+48) 22 393 63 33
ul. Domaniewska 37
02-672 Warsaw

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Iberia

Food & Beverage

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Ibéria S.A. was born in 2017 by the merging of Segafredo Zanetti Portugal and Nutricafés S.A. Nutricafés S.A. was born in 2000 through the union of two historical Portuguese companies: Chave D’Ouro and Nicola Cafés. Chave D’Ouro was mainly dedicated to producing and marketing high-quality and selected coffee since the beginning of the XX Century, while Nicola Cafés dates back to 1779, when the historical and iconic establishment, Nicola Café opened, a meeting place for writers and politicians and the home to one of Lisbon’s famous intellectual circles, the tertulias.

(+351) 214 968 593
Rua das Fontainhas, nº 70
2700-391 Lisbon

Mazurskie Miody

Food & Beverage

Mazurskie Miody – Polish family company. It all started a hundred years ago at an old Polish family Piasecki in Kresy – Eastern Borderlands. Nowadays in Masuria, North Poland, we still use traditional recipes and make taste natural products in batches, and taste-test every batch to make sure you get only the best: honey spirits, meads, liquors, vodka, whisky, and natural bee honey. We sell them to the best European Union chains and do export to USA, China, Latin America, and others. Our brands: Mazurskie Miody, Piasecki, Bairille, Masuria, Palacio Mel, Kormoran mead.

(+48) 89 513 64 13
Tomaszkowo 47 k. Olsztyna
11-034 Stawiguda

Michał Lutek Legal Advisory


Michał Lutek Legal Advisory focuses on legal and public affairs advisory with a particular focus on aviation, space, and new technology fields. Its main aim is to help build and develop relationships with stakeholders important from clients’ point of view. It also offers comprehensive regulatory advisory and corporate assistance.

(+48) 509890179
ul. Pańska 98/13
00-837 Warsaw

Mota-Engil ATIV Polska

Facility Management & ESG

Mota-Engil ATIV Polska is a new business line of the Mota-Engil Group in Poland. The company has started its operations in the area of designing integrated solutions for facility management and maintenance (Facility Management), as well as in environmental services related to ESG strategy and decarbonization. The company is based on years of experience and know-how of Mota-Engil ATIV, dating back to 1989. Currently, the company employs nearly 1,000 employees and has over 200 active contracts in its portfolio, spanning across 18 countries worldwide.

ul. Opolska 110
31-323 Kraków

Mota-Engil Central Europe SA

Construction & Engineering

Mota-Engil Central Europe, which forms part of Mota-Engil Group, started its activity in Poland in 1997. The scope of activities of Mota-Engil Central Europe S.A. includes civil works connected with construction and modernization of motorways, roads, streets, and bridge objects; manufacturing of materials for the construction industry, mineral-asphalt mixtures, and all the kinds of concrete, as well as production of prefabricates. The company’s entrance into the field of cubature construction and real estate proves its constant development and diverse character. Simultaneously, Mota-Engil is also involved in environmental protection.

(+48) 12 664 80 00
ul. Opolska 110
31-323 Kraków

Mota-Engil Renewing Sp. z o.o.

Renewable Energies

Mota-Engil Renewing is a Cleantech venture owned by Mota-Engil Group, whose purpose is to accelerate the energy transition and decarbonization of businesses, industries, and urban areas in a public or private context.
Based in Portugal, with offices in Spain and Poland, we have ambitions for further expansion into additional European markets and Latin America.
We are experts in designing, financing, and implementing sustainable and innovative solutions in the energy and mobility sectors across society, cities, companies and citizens.
In Poland, through our subsidiary Mota-Engil Renewing Polska, we offer ready-to-use Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions for companies and the general public, acting as a one-stop-shop mobility operator.
We provide end-to-end flexible, scalable, and tailor-made solutions to our customers on several dimensions, such as funding, engineering, installation, and CPO service, in a revenue share model.
Mota-Engil Group is one of the largest European construction companies, with a global presence on three continents: Europe, Africa, Latin America, and more than 20 countries.
The Group has been doing business in the Polish market for over 25 years and has more than 1,000 employees nationwide.
By adding the Mota-Engil Renewing service offering, Mota-Engil Group enriches and strengthens its portfolio and reinforces its commitment to fostering energy transition and sustainable mobility in Poland.

Opolska 110
31-323 Kraków

Motivizer Sp. z o.o.

AutomationHuman Resources

The Company provides clients with state of the art. SaaS solution which includes:
1. Automation of Human Resources workflow, allowing for significant limitation of work burden and material contribution to successful digital transformation,
2. System Functionalities that allow for maximum efficiency in supporting managers in building loyalty, focusing energy and effort of their teams (automatic recognition of completing team/individual targets, discretionary recognitions tied to variety of criteria etc), whole range of functionalities supporting employees wellbeing and engagement,
3. E-commerce platform, which allows employees to access non-payroll benefits provided by the employer (electronic vouchers for goods and services), according to a budget set by their employer.

(+48) 515 113 130
Plac Trzech Krzyży 10/14
00-499 Warsaw

Multisoft S.A.

IT Services, Webdesign & Computer Equipment

Multisoft SA is a leading company whose successes are mainly due to its expansive measures aimed at the international market ATC (Air Traffic Control – Air Traffic Control).

We provide the best solution available in the market prepared by a team of experienced professionals. Our most important task is to build ATC systems, creating devices and applications monitoring and IT networks with their certification. Our performance on difficult and responsible ATC market is a guarantee of solidity in the domestic market in the field of air traffic control.

We have almost 2 decades in ATC infrastructure installations around the world. From simple recorder installations to the most complex nationwide systems that allows centralized equipment.

The trust and robustness of our systems has reached such a level of trust between our customers and are already implemented in more than 30 countries in 5 continents.

From the very beginning we are deeply convinced that is it the system that should be adjusted to its user and not the other way around.

We are now implementing our products in the retail business we have a wide range of products for video recording, computer monitoring, network certifications, building of network infrastructures, etc, etc.

(+48) 505 170 523
ul. Krępa-Odrzańska 5
66-100 Zielona Góra

No Limit

Logistics & Transportation

No Limit is a Polish provider of logistics services, which has been operating in the European market since 1990. Whether the services are contract logistics, deliveries to chain stores, road transport services or Value Added Services, No Limit always render them with the utmost care. Their dedicated, highly qualified and versatile team of both experts and young innovators is their greatest asset. No Limit are proud to say that, for the third decade, they are providing services to the most demanding clients, among them many international leaders in their industries.

(+48) 532 462 271
ul. Księżnej Anny 4
03-866 Warsaw

O2a Polska Sp. z o.o.


O2a Group provides automotive and industrial solutions like sound and thermo insulation, vibration control, distancing and protecting elements, spacers, tapes, gaskets, seals and many others.

Converted from Foams, Felts, Rubber, PES, Textiles and Nonwovens. With and without adhesive, different cutting geometries, various acoustic performance, developed and converted according to the customer’s specifications.

Its main OEM customers are big companies like Telsa, Audi, VW, Porche, BMW, and many others.

(+48) 501 558 851
Astrów 66
55-200 Stanowice