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Forex Trader in Bank Millennium’s mobile application

22-04-2016 MembersNews

Yet again Bank Millennium introduces a modern and advanced technological tool that will provide corporate clients with convenient access to the FX market on Android or IOS based mobile devices. Mobile Millennium Forex Trader will hit the shops by the end of April. 


– Entrepreneurs travel a lot and are highly mobile, so they need an application that will help them to constantly control their company’s finances. FX market is a material part of business and profitable currency exchange requires fast response. Extension of the application by adding mobile Millennium Forex Trader will enable entrepreneurs to track the FX rates and exchange currencies at the most favourable moment, irrespective of the circumstances and your location. – says Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department at Bank Millennium.


Mobile Millennium Forex Trader – benefits

  • Convenience and control – providing clients with full control over the course of FX transactions and company’s FX position. On your mobile’s display you may watch fluctuating FX rates and buy or sell currencies at the best time you choose.
  • Speed and saving – minimisation of the time required for transaction execution and related costs. Transactions are concluded at current market FX rates. In order to conclude a transaction, you do not need to contact bank dealer or lose time for FX rate negotiation for each transaction.
  • Monitoring current FX rates
  • Concluding Spot and Forward transactions
  • Broad choice of currencies on which you may make transactions
  • The best market transaction prices even for small values
  • View of the transaction history


Bank Millennium prepared also a number of improvements in the Millenet online banking system. Corporate clients with preliminary credit decision may now apply at Millenet for a charge card. The entire process, starting from granting the limit, to application registration and finally to card production is automated, which significantly shortens the waiting time to receive plastic card. It is yet another innovative solution launched by Bank Millennium on the Polish market – as the process of automated granting the limits for companies is much more complicated than for individual clients.

Also performing transactions is more convenient. Revamped and even more modern “Payment” section was designed on the grounds of the best “user experience” practices. The project took into account clients opinions and therefore it is even better adjusted to their needs. Now, use of default values, personal settings or performing transfers require lower involvement of clients. Thus, it is even faster and easier.

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