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KSeF system for e-invoicing in Poland: How to be compliant?

19-01-2023 Experts' advisesMembersNews

From January 2024, the structured e-invoices shall be issued and received by taxpayers via the National System of e-Invoices (KSeF), which will serve as the certifying unit verifying the invoice and releasing it into legal circulation, make sure your business is compliant and ready to face this new mandate.

Is your organization ready for the upcoming changes? Do you know how KSeF can support the process of managing invoices? Discover the answers in our next webinar session!

📅19th January 2023, between 11:00 – 12:00 CET


➡️ Introduction

➡️ Understanding of the new regulations models

➡️How to adapt your business to the new regulations

➡️ How Pagero can help you to be prepared

➡️ Q&A

🌐Please find here the link to the registration form for the webinar.

⬇️The speaker:

Lorena Figueiro | Account Executive, Pagero

Lorena Figueiro has been working in the e-invoicing industry for the past 6 years. Having the opportunity to work in different e-invoicing companies and different departments, gave her the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional and become an expert in the field. She has lived in 5 countries and this international mindset helps her to manage accounts from all over the globe. She loves talking to companies about tax compliance and e-invoicing, two of her specialities.