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Customers of Bank Millennium can now register pre-paid SIM cards in the online banking system

21-11-2016 MembersNews

Bank Millennium has just now implemented the service of registering pre-paid SIM cards. Thus the Bank’s customers who have a pre-paid phone can make mandatory registration without the need to visit the operator’s outlet – completely online and free of charge. Bank Millennium is first bank in Poland to offer this service.


– Seeking convenient solutions for customers not only in the area of financial services, we have now provided them with a very simple way to make mandatory registration of SIM cards in the Millenet internet banking system. Our system allows the user’s identity to be checked in a secure way; hence the card may be registered completely online, without the need to visit the mobile operator’s point of sale. With our help the customer will register the pre-paid phone free of charge, not losing eligibility for promotions offered by the mobile operators – Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium said.


The service is available to all customers with active access to the internet banking system, who have opened an account in a Millennium branch or having opened the account online, confirmed their identity in a branch.


The registration process is extremely easy and fast. Just two fields must be filled-in: phone number and number of SIM card (the system explains how to find it). Based on the phone number the system will automatically select the operator from the six available ones: T-Mobile, Orange, Plus, PLAY, Heyah and nju mobile. The operator may also be selected manually. Such data as name, surname and PESEL number will be filled-in automatically. It is only necessary to agree to send them to the selected operator and to the service provider. The registration process has additional security provided by using an SMS password to approve the operation.


The Bank has contracted Blue Media S.A. to provide the service in technical terms. In keeping with current regulations a pre-paid SIM card cannot be anonymous and to use a phone with such a card it must be registered with the mobile network operator. The deadline for registration of currently used cards is 31 January 2017.


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