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City transport tickets and parking fees in Bank Millennium’s mobile app

10-01-2017 MembersNews

Bank Millennium via its mobile app has introduced the possibility to purchase city transport tickets and pay parking fees. City transport passengers can now buy a ticket conveniently, validate it and show it in their phone to a ticket inspector. Meanwhile car drivers will use their phone to pay for actual parking time, without the need to pay up front, as in a parking meter.


Using the service is very simple. The user may logon to the app and select the menu option Tickets and parking meters. To buy a city transport ticket it is necessary to select the city, the carrier and type of ticket, validate the ticket in the app and e.g. set it up as a widget before logon, which allows its easy demonstration when tickets are being checked in the vehicle, without the need to have internet access


In case of parking fees it is enough to give the car registration number, select the city, zone and duration of parking and leave a moBILET vignette, available free of charge in the Paid Parking Zone Bureau or a sheet of paper with the word “moBILET” behind the windscreen. The user may select a “no time limit” option and finish parking at any time, or the “defined time” parking option, which also allows the parking time to be extended or shortened. In either case the customer will only pay for actual parking time. Parking fees shall be drawn automatically from a defined account in Bank Millennium.


The new service is offered in cooperation with Mobile Traffic DATA (moBILET), who were the first in Poland to launch the service of charging for actual parking time in paid parking zones and buying city transport tickets by phone.


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