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Access to e-administration in Bank Millennium

26-10-2016 MembersNews

Customers of Bank Millennium can already get access by means of internet banking to the ZUS Electronic Services Platform. This is another step of the bank to support the strategy of building digital public administration.


We continue to seek innovative solutions, which will respond to customers’ needs. One of them is to facilitate access to e-administration. Thanks to the functionality extension the internet banking system thus becomes a window to the digital world of Polish administration. We began by participating in the Government’s Family 500+ programme and enabled customers to apply via Millenet for the benefit. Customers were eager to use to this opportunity and submitted some 50,000 applications. This gives us not only great satisfaction that we provided them with a sense of comfort and security, but also evidence that such efforts are needed and expected – Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium said.

Thanks to using Bank Millennium’s internet banking system setting up a profile on PUE ZUS (ZUS Electronic Services Platform) and logging on to it is simple and intuitive. The Customer will log on to the Millenet internet banking system using the standard login and password. No additional rights are needed, logins or passwords. When setting up a PUE profile – after accepting the statement about protection of personal data and approving the logon with use of SMS P@ssword (both activities are required only at the first logon to PUE), the customer goes to the PUE ZUS portal, where he accepts the PUE regulations and provides additional essential data for the profile. When logging on the next time the customer will not have to repeat the additional activities anymore – using the login and password for electronic banking will be enough.

In the traditional model, if the customer does not have a qualified certificate, does not use ePUAP or electronic banking systems, in order to set up a full trusted profile in PUE ZUS a visit is necessary in a ZUS branch, during which they will confirm the personal data of the new user. Identity check by means of the Millenet internet banking system replaces a visit in ZUS, thus it is faster and more convenient.

The Electronic Services Platform (PUE) is targeted at all customers of ZUS. It enables dealing with many matters involved with social insurance without the need to leave home, such as viewing data about contributions, sending documents and applications and receiving replies from ZUS, checking which OFE the customer belongs to, checking if the employer reported the customer for social and health insurance. PUE can also be used to ask ZUS staff questions or to use other functions available currently from ZUS.

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