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WPPH ELENA is a family company with 35 years of experience. The owner of the brand, Franciszek Siegień, is a man who can boast of experience in business for over 50 years, and thanks to him, Elena occupies a leading position among domestic and foreign producers of freeze-dried food. It is a reliable partner both in Poland and Europe; cooperates with a large group of food concerns, including dairies, producers of teas, instant meals, bakeries and confectioneries. It introduced products in retail packaging and lines of dietary supplements. The company’s significant achievements are its own brand, recognizable not only in Poland and Europe, but also on many continents of the world, as well as its certified quality. Elena has the following certificates: BIO, KOSHER, BRC, FDA. 90% freeze-dried products retain all nutritional values and vitamins, taste and aroma without losing their quality. Sublimation is the most expensive food drying process but also the most future-proof, today all consumers in the world are looking for these products. Their advantage is that they can be stored for a long period, avoiding the use of preservatives, salt or sweeteners.