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Webinar: Penal Fiscal Liability for Tax Settlements

10-07-2024 EventsExperts' advises

On behalf of our Member Nexia Advicero, we would like to invite you to the webinar: “Penal Fiscal Liability for Tax Settlements”.

The event will take place on 10th of July 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00.

During the webinar, the experts will discuss the following topics:

• Introduction to the Penal Fiscal Code (PFC) – when does penal fiscal liability arise?
• Identifying Risk – basic types of tax offenses and infractions
• Administrative Penalties – the range of criminal tax sanction
• Fine, Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA), or Trial? – alternative methods to resolve penal fiscal matters
• Collaboration with External Accounting Firms and PFC – acting on behalf of others and penal fiscal liability
• Acting on Behalf of Others – agreements to exclude liability
• Year-End Alert – timeline for penal fiscal proceedings
• Insurance Against CFC – is a penal fiscal risk insurance policy worth it?
• Admitting Guilt – effectively filing a voluntary disclosure
• Minimizing Liability Risk – corrections, tax interpretations, and penal fiscal proceedings.


Webinar will be held in Polish. Participation is free of charge.

Please confirm your attendance by registering at the link: LINK or by sending ‘Name, Surname, Company name’ to this email: ksamelko@nexiaadvicero.eu.