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XPLOR-IT Consulting, Lda.


XPLOR-IT is an IT Systems Integrator company based in Portugal (Lisbon and Oporto). As part of a group with over 20 years in the IT business, XPLOR-IT’s success is a direct result of its deep understanding of customers’ needs and vision. The business solutions XPLOR-IT implements cover all business processes – finances, logistics, production, sales, stocks management, BI. XPLOR-IT has a significant presence in a wide range of sectors, namely in the manufacturing industries, as well as other cross sectors.
XPLOR-IT is a Sage X3 Gold Partner and Partner of the Year in 2014, deploying Sage ERP X3, Sage XRT and Sage HRM, for medium and large companies.

As part of our international growth strategy, we established Poland to be a strategic market, due to its economic growth, and IT business software opportunities.
We recently engaged in our first Sage X3 (Sage midmarket ERP solution) consultancy work in Poland.

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Your Catering Group S.C.

Restauration & Catering

YourCatering Groupcompany was created 19 years ago. It developed on the local catering services market in central Poland. Currently it’s the group specializing in a wide range of services for corporatate and individual clients.

We provide services all over Poland using our own specialized logistics and professional service systems. We operate in HACCP system. Each company department is responsible for different kinds of services.

FOOD SERVICE- a department responsible for complex services of canteens and company restaurants.

Corning Cables -Strykow, Lumileds/ Philips -Pabianice, Prima Lodz.

From a project in a given location to equipment and suggesting service technology.

Next stage is introducing and providing services in the above locations, production and distribution of the dishes, payment methods, sales reporting, loyalty and credit programs and pay pass.

CLASIC MENU- it’s a department which organizes various catering services for corporate and private clients such as receptions (banquets), cocktails, stand party, coffee breaks, grill parties.

The biggest projects of this department:

>grill party for 4000 people during picnic for BSH company in Lodz

> a reception for 1100 people during ball for Lawyers in Expo hall in Lodz

> Cocktail party for 1000 people during Gastroenterology Congres in National Filharmonii in Warsaw

>Coffee breaks, grill parties, cocktail for 1000 people during opening ceremony of Golpasz company in Rawa Mazowicka.

>Coffee breaks and cocktail for 1000 people during three-day Urban Conference in EC1 in Lodz.

>Eurobasket- organizing and servicing of all zones during the event in Poland.

>Servicing of the net of 52 eventsallover (CAŁEJ) Poland for Mapei company.


SPECIAL EVENT- it’s a new development of our group.

It deals with a complex or allocated part of organizing even the most complex events all Poland.

>organizing of catering sales for 60000 people during of two-day Strawberry Festival in Buczek near Łask city.

>complex organization of a one-day event Airshow 2015 in Łask for 90000 people during Airport Open Days: sales catering zones, entertainment zones, funfair, stage and artist and VIP reception.

> For 10 years we have servicing backstage and dressing rooms during the biggest concert tours: Musics Power Radio ZET, Eska Music Avards,OragneWarsaw Festiwal itp.

>company picnics for 1500 people: Colep, Hutchinson, PGE..

>Promotion of places: specialplaces

EC 1 industrial machine hall in Lodz, Poznanski`s Palce, PolishMaution

FILHARMONII- the youngest child of our group.Its very prestigious place in the Lodz city center suitable for organizing various corporate and cultural events.

The place where we serve dishes made from original recipes of Nell-Arture Rubinstein’s wife create a unique combination: special place, art. and original menu form the beggining the XX century. The location can seat even up to 1000 people.

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ul. Liściasta, 91-357 Łódź
91-357 Łódź Łódź


Food & Beverage

Founded in 1980, Zoopan is a small/medium-sized Portuguese company (SIVIE) with core business in the Veterinary market. Zoopan has state of the art facilities and was the first Portuguese company in this field obtaining the GMP certification. Zoopan’s facilities currently have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification for the production of medicated premixes, oral solutions and water soluble powders, NP EN ISO 9001-2008 and FAMI-Qs certifications. The company offers a wide variety of products and services in order to fulfil the needs and provide value in the healthcare area, more specifically, in the veterinary medicine and nutrition fields.