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LPR – La Palette Rouge Poland Sp. z o.o.

Rental wooden and plastic pallets

LPR is a leading pallet pool operator in European FMCG sector. The company has more than 20 years of experience and is present in 8 countries: Poland, France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom covering the entire European Union market.

The company is part of Euro Pool Group, Europe’s largest logistics service provider for returnable and reusable packaging.

LPR offers a fully outsourced service which ensures that our customers always receive pallets in perfect condition from each of its 103 depots throughout Europe.

LPR cooperates with the main retailers of the FMCG sector, delivering more than 72,7 million pallets per year, managing 22.812 drop-off points in 13 countries in Europe.

+48 22 255 57 80
ul. Poleczki 35 (budynek Amsterdam)
02-822 Warsaw

Lubelski Klub Biznesu

Business & Commercial Association

Stowarzyszenie Lubelski Klub Biznesu to największa regionalna organizacja biznesowa powołana dla potrzeb przedsiębiorców, instytucji i osób prowadzących działalność gospodarczą w województwie lubelskim. Klub powstał, by wspierać i integrować, a także reprezentować i ochraniać interesy gospodarcze przedsiębiorców. Swoją działalność LKB rozpoczął w 2000 roku. Obecnie zresza ponad 250 przedsiębiorstw, reprezentujących różne sektory polskiej gospodarki z Regionu Lubelskiego. Dla firm członkowskich Klub prowadzi system promocji i wymiany informacji służący nawiązywaniu kontaktów gospodarczych w kraju i zagranicą. Pomaga w pozyskaniu kontrahentów oraz w wyszukiwaniu partnerów strategicznych, wskazuje źródła finansowania projektów inwestycyjnych. Wspiera działalność gospodarczą swoich członków m. in. poprzez doradztwo prawne i ekonomiczne, organizowanie szkoleń, seminariów i konferencji na tematy związane z problematyką gospodarki oraz zarządzania. Organizuje międzynarodowe spotkania gospodarcze i misje handlowe ukierunkowane na przyciągnięcie zagranicznych inwestorów. Pośredniczy w przekazywaniu informacji na temat dostępnych srodków pomocowych skierowanych do MŚP i świadczy usługi związane z pisaniem wniosków aplikacyjnych. Kreowanie pozytywnego wizerunku Polski Wschodniej, wykorzystanie potencjału gospodarczego tego regionu, wzmacnianie konkurencyjności regionalnych przedsiębiorstw, integracja środowisk gospodarczych – to główne kierunki działalności Stowarzyszenia.

(+48) 81 532 15 77
Plac Litewski 2
20-080 Lublin

Luso-Roux Polska Sp. z o.o.


Real Estate and Equipment Evaluations, Loss Adjustment, Car Expertise, Risk Analysis, Real Estate and Equipment Auctions, Investigation into the Causes of Accidents

+48 22 33 90 777
ul. Marii Konopnickiej 6, lok. 200
00-491 Warsaw

MALO CLINIC Polska Sp. z o. o.

Health & Healthcare

Malo Clinic was established in 1995 by Dr. Paulo Malo and has since then become the world’s leading centre for Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation. Malo Clinic currently has locations in five continents.
In Poland, Malo Clinic Polska was opened on the 1st of September providing the following specialties: Oral Surgery, Implantology, Prosthodontics, Dentistry, Oral Hygiene, Radiology, Endodontics and Orthodontics.

+48 22 516 039 713
ul. Pod Strzechą 7 lok. 12
02-798 Warsaw

Martifer Polska S.A.

Renewable Energies

The Martifer Group owns about 120 companies divided into four business categories: Metallic Construction, Energy Equipment, Advanced fuels and Electricity Generation. It’s the leading Steel Company in Portugal (the fourth largest in Europe). In Poland Martifer Group has been present since 2003.

+48 32 775 28 00
Wyczółkowskiego 16
44-109 Gliwice

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Iberia

Food & Beverage

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Ibéria S.A. was born in 2017 by the merging of Segafredo Zanetti Portugal and Nutricafés S.A. Nutricafés S.A. was born in 2000 through the union of two historical Portuguese companies: Chave D’Ouro and Nicola Cafés. Chave D’Ouro was mainly dedicated to producing and marketing high-quality and selected coffee since the beginning of the XX Century, while Nicola Cafés dates back to 1779, when the historical and iconic establishment, Nicola Café opened, a meeting place for writers and politicians and the home to one of Lisbon’s famous intellectual circles, the tertulias.

(+351) 214968593
Rua das Fontainhas, nº 70
2700-391 Lisbon

Mazurskie Miody

Food & Beverage

Mazurskie Miody – Polish family company. It all started a hundred years ago at an old Polish family Piasecki in Kresy – Eastern Borderlands. Nowadays in Masuria, North Poland, we still use traditional recipes and make taste natural products in batches, and taste-test every batch to make sure you get only the best: honey spirits, meads, liquors, vodka, whisky and natural bee honey. We sell them to the best European Union chains and do export to USA, China, Latin America and others. Our brands: Mazurskie Miody, Piasecki, Bairille, Masuria, Palacio Mel, Kormoran mead. 

+48 89 513 64 13
Tomaszkowo 47 k. Olsztyna
11-034 Stawiguda

Mesa Portuguesa

At the table in Mesa Portuguesa, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere you will fully experience these delicious moments, so well known on a land of discoverers. Creating dishes in our menu we get inspirations from traditional recipes as well as the latest gastronomic tendencies of Portuguese cuisine. Our cellar, rich in wine from top Lusitanian producers and not only will surely satisfy expectations of many connoisseurs.

In Mesa Portuguesa you also will be a discoverer… Portuguese tastes at it’s best. From traditional starters, through Senior Cod in several uncovers and seafood specialities to “leitão à Bairrada” – all to enchant you palate…

Mesa’s interior has been designed in a way so the combination of wood, high-grade steel and clean light colors, interspersed by modern accents and traditional azulejos could take you away to the oceanic mood of Portuguese coast.

Let yourself flow in a journey of tasty pleasures.

Dominika Merliniego 2A


Food & Beverage

MLEKOVITA is the biggest group of dairy cooperatives and the undisputed leader of the dairy industry in Poland. MLEKOVITA group is a company with 100% polish capital, long tradition and settled brand repute not only on the polish market, but also abroad. The group is created by the following dairy-processing and distribution plants: stem plant in Wysokie Mazowieckie, plants in Bielsk Podlaski, Morąg, Zakopane, Lubawa, Dzialdow, Pilica, Baranow and by distribution warehouses in Chrzanow, Kluczbork, Kowalew Pomorski, Piaseczno, Wyszkow, Lodz, Bialystok, Brzesk, Goreczyn and Wolsztyn. MLEKOVITA is producing a wide assortment of brand goods (over 300, including among others: dutch, swiss and english hard cheese, processed cheese, smoked cheese, soft white and salad cheese, cottage-cheese, Mozzarella cheese, UHT milk, pasteurized milk, UHT cream, condensed milk, flavored milk, kefir, yoghurt, buttermilk, curd, cream and homogenized cream, butter, butter mix, powdered milk and powdered whey) that are the leaders in their categories (e.g. POLSKIE bottled milk, WYPASIONE milk, FAVITA cheese, SOKOL cheese, POLSKIE extra butter etc.) and for the major success the group is considering satisfaction of its clients. The highest quality of the offered products gained appreciation and trust of the clients, which is being proved by maintaining the leader’s position in exportation amongst dairy companies in Poland and abroad.

+48 86 275 82 14
ul. Ludowa 122
18-200 Wysokie Mazowieckie

Mota-Engil Central Europe SA

Construction & Engineering

Mota-Engil Central Europe, which forms part of Mota-Engil Group, started its activity in Poland in 1997. The scope of activities of Mota-Engil Central Europe S.A. includes civil works connected with construction and modernization of motorways, roads, streets and bridge objects; manufacturing of materials for the construction industry, mineral-asphalt mixtures, and all the kinds of concrete, as well as production of prefabricates. Company’s entrance into the field of cubature construction and real estate proves its constant development and diverse character. Simultaneously, Mota-Engil is also involved in the environmental protection.

+48 12 664 80 00
ul. Wadowicka 8W
30-415 Kraków

Multisoft S.A.

IT Services, Webdesign & Computer Equipment

Multisoft SA is a leading company whose successes are mainly due to its expansive measures aimed at the international market ATC (Air Traffic Control – Air Traffic Control).

We provide the best solution available in the market prepared by a team of experienced professionals. Our most important task is to build ATC systems, creating devices and applications monitoring and IT networks with their certification. Our performance on difficult and responsible ATC market is a guarantee of solidity in the domestic market in the field of air traffic control.

We have almost 2 decades in ATC infrastructure installations around the world. From simple recorder installations to the most complex nationwide systems that allows centralized equipment.

The trust and robustness of our systems has reached such a level of trust between our customers and are already implemented in more than 30 countries in 5 continents.

From the very beginning we are deeply convinced that is it the system that should be adjusted to its user and not the other way around.

We are now implementing our products in the retail business we have a wide range of products for video recording, computer monitoring, network certifications, building of network infrastructures, etc, etc.

(+48) 505 170 523
Krepa-Odrzanska Street n. 5
66-100 Zielona Góra

Nivette Fleet Management Sp. z o.o.

Car Rental & Fleet Management

Nivette Fleet Management Sp. z o.o. (NFM) was established in 2002. NFM provides services in the scope of operational leasing, short-term car rental and professional car fleet management. We are one of the biggest and the oldest independent CFM companies in Poland. Currently we manage 2.600 cars.

+48 22 517 93 00
ul. Lotnicza 3/5
04-192 Warsaw

Novenergia Poland Sp. z o.o.

Renewable Energies

Novenergia Poland is the Polish branch of Novenergia SICAR, a European Fund for the Pormotion of Renewable Energy Projects. Novenergia controls currently more than 600MW of wind, hydro and solarPV in operation, as well as significant portfolios under development. In each country, Novenergia’s local branches pursue a long-term strategy, establishing partnership with local companies and financial institutions to co-develope or purchase projects, finance the investment and operate the power plants. In Poland, Novenergia focuses essentially on wind energy.

+48 885 390 450
ul. Wierzbowa 9/11
00-094 Warsaw

Ogólnopolska Federacja Przedsiębiorców i Pracodawców – Przedsiębiorcy.pl

Business & Commercial Association

The main objective of the Federation is the protection of rights and representation of  interests of its members in relation to unions, authorities and public administration, as well as the creation of a positive image of entrepreneurs in Poland.

The main Federation’s tasks are:

  • to create among its members a strong representation of SME’s sector, adequate for the role of this sector in the Polish economy;
  • to develop and promote an economic identity in Poland, considering the economic and social meaning of the SME’s sector;
  • to represent the social and economic interests of its members on the national and international level
  • to conduct initiatives for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship, institutions and environment protection, health protection, energy efficiency;
  • to reinforce inventiveness and effectiveness of Polish enterprises and enhance the link between business and science;
  • to conduct initiatives to develop e-economy and e-business;
  • to establish and support cooperation in the CSR.
+48 22 609 17 9
ul Wilcza 72/8
00-670 Warszawa Warsaw

Palettenwerk Kozik Sp. J.

Logistics & Transportation

The biggest pallet manufacturer and exporter.
PalettenWerk-manufactured pallets are used by hundreds of companies operating in the food industry, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, brewery, metal, and other industries. Every month, 700 TIR trucks depart from our plant to deliver pallets to Customers in the domestic and international market.

+48 604 611 600
ul. Przemysłowa 219

Parfois – Modessa Polska Sp. z o.o.

Fashion & Accessories

The main activity of the company is retail sale of jewelery, shoes, hats, hand bags, wallets, scarfs, sockets, and all kind of fashion accessories, all under the PARFOIS’s brand name.

+351 220 900 800
Ul. Zgoda 3 II p.
00-018 Warsaw

Parras Vinhos – Produção e Distribuição, Unipessoal, Lda

Wine Production & Commerce

Winemakers Selection is an innovative concept in the wines production. The experience of many winemakers, grape growers and consultants in the area are combined at Parras – Winemakers Selection in order to meet the demanding and volatile market demands. A large team travels every year to various wine regions of Portugal with the aim of selecting the best varieties and the best grapes in each region. In the lab, the winemaking team works to achieve wines with higher profiles appropriate to modern costumers. The result is distinctive and has been the subject of the best reviews. Parras brands have achieved major international markets and have earned awards in international competitions of renown.

(+351) 965 525 161
Estrada Nacional 8-5 km 2,3
2460-526 Alcobaça

Plasbel Plasticos S.A.U.

Plastic & Moulds Industry

Our comany was set up in 1998. We are manufacturers of plastic film, specialised in point-of-sale bags, and refuse sacks mainly for wholesale chains, cleanin companies, industrial uses and public sector organisations.
We have international presence, selling our products in different markets such as Mexico, Morocco, Algeria, Lybia, Portugal, France, Poland. One of our main goals is to consolidate our international presence increasing our markets and getting to improve our competitiveness. We are commited with the Environment developing new products and participating with National Organisations in programmes of awareness.
We are an AENOR & IQNet Certified Company according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008. Furthermore we count with AENOR Environmental Management Certificate and IQNet according to UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004.

+34 968 894 678
Pol. Ind. Oeste, C/Venezuela, Parc. 6.8-6.10
30.820 Alcantarilla

PME – Pequenas e Médias Empresas de Portugal

Business & Commercial Association

The Association of the PME – Small e Medium Companies of Portugal is a nationwide association that defends the interests of all the entrepreneurs in individual name and of all the companies with PME statute (Micron, Small e Medium Companies) that they exert an economic activity in Portugal.
With information, clarifications, support in the resolution of bureaucratic problems, programs of formation, enter many other shares of dinamization of the fabric enterprise, the Association of PME-Portugal is always available to answer and to support its associates.

+351 253 275 005
Centro de Negócios Ideia Atlântico - caixa postal 023
4719-005 Braga



PRA’s mission is to drive growth and profitability by establishing companies globally in new vibrant markets and provide them with flexible support. PRA operates through 9 regional locations in different continents with Global KQ in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA providing access to international network of specialists. Poland Warsaw office serves as HQ for European operations and Brazil-Sao Paulo office serves South America region under GAM Global name. Both offices focus especially on providing support for Portuguese, Polish and Brazilian companies planning international cooperation and global expansion. PRA is able to set up and operate global business in country on behalf of clients until they are readly to “fly free”. This approach minimizes risks and initial costs in early stages of market expansion, while driving significant growth in top-line revenue and profitability.