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Recent members

Arteria S.A.

Outsourcing services

Arteria SA is the largest Polish provider of comprehensive outsourcing services in Poland. The company offers to its clients, who are often among the biggest, most recognizable brands:

  • multilingual, omnichannel contact centres, 
  • logistics solutions, 
  • archiving services,
  • experienced sales support, 
  • the creativity of 360 marketing agencies,
  • IT business solutions based on the newest technologies.

Thanks to over 15 years of experience, and Arteria Capital Group being listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, business partners of the company can rest assured, that the level of services is up the highest standards.

(+48) 22 482 02 00
Stawki 2a
00-193 Warsaw

Grow Energy Management, Lda

Investment Company & HoldingRenewable Energies

Grow Energy is a Portuguese company located in Estoril that promotes investments in the Energy sector. Grow Energy allows companies to generate savings and value their assets, through renewable energies, with an Integrated Offer of Services based on the ESCO financial model. Without investment, generating immediate savings and more sustainability.

(+351) 214 681 620
Av. Sabóia, 92 - Monte Estroil
2765-277 Estoril

O2a Polska Sp. z o.o.


O2a Group provides automotive and industrial solutions like sound and thermo insulation, vibration control, distancing and protecting elements, spacers, tapes, gaskets, seals and many others.

Converted from Foams, Felts, Rubber, PES, Textiles and Nonwovens. With and without adhesive, different cutting geometries, various acoustic performance, developed and converted according to the customer’s specifications.

Its main OEM customers are big companies like Telsa, Audi, VW, Porche, BMW, and many others.

(+48) 501 558 851
Astrów 66
55-200 Stanowice


Immigration Services

Ei! Assessoria Migratória is the 1st Migration Agency in Portugal and we are specialized to help those who are in geographic mobility with preponderance in: United States, Brazil and Europe. We make life easier for those on the move overcoming bureaucratic and linguistic barriers and deal with migration processes and the integration of foreigners in Portugal.


(+351) 217 960 436
Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, 35 - 2 A
1050-118 Lisbon

Syone S.A.

IT Services

From Portugal to the World, Syone works with leading companies in Telco, Banking & Insurance, Government, Utilities, Industry, Retail and Hospitality by implementing mission-critical projects and helping organisations to increase agility and to drive Digital Transformation.
Recognised as a Competence Center for Open Source Technologies such as Red Hat, SUSE, Couchbase, Elastic and also Microsoft and SAP, we have worked with more than 500 clients and in more than 15 countries.

(+351) 214 246 710
Rua Alfredo da Silva, 8-A, Edifício Stern, Piso 3D
2610-016 Amadora

BEST MOVE Sp. Z o.o.

Logistics & Transportation

Best Move is a Bulky-Goods-Logistic company that supports many different projects and provides reliable satisfaction to the end customer. We believe that every impossible project becomes easier and can bring many advantages to each of us.

(+48) 880 745 575
ul. Jutrzenki 27
02-230 Warsaw

Sadkowski i Wspólnicy sp. k.


Sadkowski i Wspólnicy provides legal services through a team of lawyers who are specialists in their areas of practice. Thanks to joint efforts of the firm’s legal departments we are able to work effectively across many different branches of law and ensure the highest quality of provided services.

Members of our team are eager to take on groundbreaking cases that require multi-dimensional strategic planning. Our lawyers are known for handling matters that are considered difficult and require interdisciplinary knowledge of the operation and functioning of business enterprises, knowledge that encompasses not only the law, but also management and economics.

The specialist expertise of our lawyers in particular branches and areas of law lies at the core of our firm’s business. Sadkowski i Wspólnicy operates a number of legal departments that collaborate with each other, thanks to which the services offered by the firm are not only wide in scope, but also of the highest quality. Specialisation and well coordinated teamwork are another factors that contribute to the unparalleled standard of our services.

(+48) 22 629 74 31
ul. Grzybowska 4 ap. U7A
00-131 Warsaw

Alfavox Software Sp. z o.o.

IT Services

Alfavox for 17 years has been supporting the world’s largest companies in reducing customer service costs and process-related costs. The company support its customers on 4 continents. As a result of using the solutions Alfavox provides, their customers reduce the costs associated with the implementation of specific business processes by up to 70%. The company provides such solutions as VoiceBot, ChatBot, Contact Center as well as solutions for remote signing of documents.

(+48) 530 766 222
ul. Ziębicka 35
60-164 Poznań

Motivizer Sp. z o.o.

AutomationHuman Resources

The Company provides clients with state of the art. SaaS solution which includes:
1. Automation of Human Resources workflow, allowing for significant limitation of work burden and material contribution to successful digital transformation,
2. System Functionalities that allow for maximum efficiency in supporting managers in building loyalty, focusing energy and effort of their teams (automatic recognition of completing team/individual targets, discretionary recognitions tied to variety of criteria etc), whole range of functionalities supporting employees wellbeing and engagement,
3. E-commerce platform, which allows employees to access non-payroll benefits provided by the employer (electronic vouchers for goods and services), according to a budget set by their employer.

(+48) 515 113 130
Plac Trzech Krzyży 10/14
00-499 Warsaw

Hotailors Sp. z o.o.

Travel & Tourism

Hotailors, as it exists today, was established in 2016. The company won several startup mentoring and acceleration programs during 2015-2020. Invitation to be a part of ABC Accelerator in the late 2015 started Hotailors’ life. Hotailors organizes business trips for companies from all over the world, either for companies’ employees or for contractors. Thanks to the system, which is constantly being improved by our IT team, travellers can easily choose, book, receive an approval for their superior for their business trips and also receive a first-class support from our Customer Service. In addition, our clients have an easy access to statements of their expenditures by receiving periodic reports with all information needed. Today Hotailors team consists of nearly 60 people worldwide in locations like Poland, Ireland, Luxembourg and the USA.

(+48) 609 009 959
ul. Święty Marcin 29/8
61-806 Poznań

Colian Sp. z o.o.

Food & Beverage

Colian is the biggest producer of sweets in Poland. Maintains wide portfolio but focuses on chocolates, cookies, wafers, jellies and caramels.
Thanks to the high quality of the products and original recipes sells its products to more than 70 countries. In order to grow and expand distribution network in recent years has aquisited 2 foreign companies – chocolate producers in UK and Ireland.

(+48) 62 590 33 00
ul. Zdrojowa 1
62-860 Lublin

EMSOF Sp. z o.o.

Accounting & Tax

We offer: professional accounting, HR, audit services, tax consultancy and business consultancy.
Our clients appreciate above all: high quality of services provided, pro-active approach, communication and reporting methods, strategic thinking as well as modern tools and solutions.

(+48) 22 247 2671
ul. Kierbedzia 4 (lok. 321)
00-728 Warsaw

Artsana Poland Sp. z o.o. (Chicco Polska)

Fashion & Accessories

Artsana Poland Sp. z o.o. is representative of the Artsana Groups – a producer of accessories for babies and toddlers. Is the owner of the Chicco brand.

(+48) 22 110 08 47
ul. Połczyńska 31A
01-377 Warsaw


Tyre Industry

Using more than 20 years of experience in Portugal, our mission is to provide our clients the best combination of tyres, new and regenerated by us, for each and every kind of non-personal vehicles and each and every kind of drive it performs, with the targets of making our clients:
1. Reduce up to 30% the costs with tyres and impacted by tyres
2. Comply with the environmental protection rules, current and forecasted, helping to achieve ‘green status’ and commitment to circular economy
3. Improve safety and performance.
The key factors to achieve the targets above are to maximize the chances given by the new generation of regenerated tyres and control that’s why we insourced the production of regenerated tyres and provide the control services ourselves.

(+48) 502 450 560
ul. Archidiakońska 6A
20-113 Lublin

Colquimica Polska

Paints & Varnishes

Colquimica Polska – founded in 2013 in Poznan. Poland is a daughter company of Colquimica Industria Nacional de Colas – private family owned group specialized in the production of hot melt adhesives with more than 60 years of professional experience with the origin in Porto, Portugal.

Located in the heart of Europe Colquimica Polska makes a bridge between East and West being close to its customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

It is a customer-oriented company with multidisciplinary team with an experience in the international markets and high capacity for innovation and development of tailor made products.

(+351) 22 422 7530
ul. Szkolna 30
62-064 Plewiska

Algicel, Biotecnologia e Investigação, Lda

Food & BeverageHealth & Healthcare

Algicel is a biotech company founded in 2007 with the purpose of growing microalgae and extract natural health ingredients to further production food supplements. Algicel is the property of the three founding partners Helena P. Silva. Luis Teves, and Goncalo Mota which together with the University of Azores started an R&D project which allowed the registration of two technological patents. Algicel grows, in closed photobioreactors, the microalgae Haematococcus piuvialis, from which we extract Astaxanthin for further production of food supplements and cosmetics. Algicel is based on the island of Sao Miguel, in the Azores Archipelago, Portugal, where nature and a pure environment are very well preserved. Algicel has its own brand of food supplements – AZORA, which is meant to be exported.

(+351) 917 670 773
Rua Prof. Luciano da Mota Vieira, 28
9500-238 Ponta Delgada


Agricultural Sector

Farm Market is an online marketplace for farmers, fruit growers, food producers, and end-users.

The company offers all kinds of agricultural goods, agricultural products, and other components involved in agricultural production, processing, and ready-made food preparations. Farm Market offers assistance across the country for companies from outside Poland on every commercial level. Moreover, the company can act as a sales representative in Poland. If you are interested in cooperating with Farm Market, write to their representatives, they speak Polish, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Ukrainian.

(+48) 531 495 630
ul. Zielonogórska 56/6
67-100 Nowa Sól

Partners International

Real Estate

Partners International is the only award-winning, Real Estate Agency that has been setting the highest standards of service on the agency market since 1994. Established on the basis of comprehensive expat service, today – the company specializes in serving the premium segment, intermediating in the rental and sale of the most prestigious properties. Their clients are both private individuals, families with children, expats, as well as large corporations, banks, diplomatic institutions, and investors.

What’s important the company assists expatriates that are looking for a home in all the legal aspects: from banks, notaries, even with the schools for the little ones, all in the language of your choice.

If you are interested in their service, write to them, the representatives communicate in Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Swedish.

(+48) 731 600 101
Fort Piłsudskiego 2
02-704 Warsaw

KODI-TECH Sp. z.o.o.

Rental Solutions

Kodi Tech co-operates with suppliers of different goods and, together with them, they offer rental as a solution for end-users. Rental is a better way than leasing or credit for those who care about their businesses and money.

(+48) 695 299 211
ul. Zamkowa 6
46-200 Kluczbork

Health Labs

Distribution & TradingHealth & Healthcare

The company was established in June 2019 and started selling online dietary supplements in November 2019. The company focuses on the production, development, and sale of high-quality dietary supplements. Proprietary recipes are created in cooperation with the best specialists in the field of nutrition and dietetics, as well as experienced technologists. The most important for the company is the high effectiveness and absorption of the ingredients from which the supplements are made.

(+48) 85 733 91 64
ul. Sienkiewicza 81/3 lok. 200
15-003 Białystok

ALS Food & Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

ALS operating in Poland belongs to the ALS Laboratories group having over 350 accredited laboratories in the world in 55 countries on all continents. The international group consists of over 12,000 professional employees. In recent years, ALS, operating in Europe, has expanded its research potential to include new laboratories and countries. They currently have laboratories in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and newly established laboratories in Slovakia.

ALS in Poland started its activity in 2007 as a commercial branch of the laboratory in Prague. In 2015, a laboratory for food and pharmaceutical research as well as sensory analyzes in Poznań joined their activities.

For clients in Poland, they provide testing services for environmental, food, pharmaceutical, microbiological, sensory, mineral and tribological samples.

(+48) 61 423 60 16
ul. Rubież 46E
61-612 Poznań

Lidya Poland Sp. z o. o.

Banking & Financial Services

Lidya is a digital finance lender operating in Poland, Czech Republic, and Nigeria with the tech team in Porto, Portugal, and their risk team in NYC, U.S. They partner with large enterprises to provide the merchants with working capital financing, so their merchants can grow their businesses and those enterprises can grow their sales (as detailed on Bloomberg and Forbes). Their partners include franchise networks, distributors, manufacturers, payment processors, hospitality companies, supermarkets, and more. They work with over 50 enterprises and over 100,000 businesses have applied for a Lidya loan over the last year. Their loans are without collateral, without guarantors and co-signers. When approved the loan is disbursed within 24 hours. They are on track to disburse $20M in Poland in 2020 and $1.1B by 2025. 

(+48) 516 634 210
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 13
00-071 Warsaw

PwC Advisory Sp. z o.o.


PWC’s purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. They are a network of firms in 157 countries with more than ​276​,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory, and tax services. ​

The company has 8 regional offices in Poland, as well as the ​Financial Crime Unit in Gdansk, CTech office in Lublin, and two Service Delivery Centers in Katowice and Opole. PwC in Poland employs ​over​ ​6​,​000 staff.

(+48) 22 746 40 00
ul.Polna 11
00-633 Warsaw

Targi Kielce S.A.

Trade Fair

The trade fair and expo organizer ranked second in CEE in regard to the number of exhibitors and to exhibition space leased. This result puts them ahead of Hungexpo Budapest, Brno in the Czech Republic, or Kyiv International Contract Fairs. Thus Targi Kielce has much more to offer than commercial meetings. Targi Kielce is one of Poland’s exhibition market leaders with 90,000 sq m exhibition space including 36.000 of indoor space in 7 fully equipped exhibition halls. 292.439 visitors from 60 countries, of 6767 exhibitors as well as 242.574 sq m of exhibition space leased. Targi Kielce calendar comprises 70 events-trade shows, exhibitions, and 700 conferences, including PLASTPOL– Poland’s most international trade show, the world-famous MSPO which is ranked third among Europe’s defense industry expos, SACROEXPO-Europe‘s largest church, and devotional articles fair and AGROTECH the agriculture fair which enjoys significant attendance. Targi Kielce is the organizer of conferences, seminars, and concerts. Poland’s most modern pavilion can be also used as the venue for congresses and events for 4500 people.

(+48) 41 365 12 22
ul. Zakładowa 1
25-672 Kielce

Agus Sp. z o.o.

Food & Beverage

Since 1948 Agus designs, creates and commercializes branded food products on the global market. Its activity is based on two divisions: dairy and consumer.

(+48) 22 313 29 00
Al. Jana Pawła II 22
00-133 Warsaw


Legal & BookkeepingTax

Andersen in Poland is a team of nearly 90 experienced professionals: advocates, legal counsels, tax advisors, economists and accountants, who offer comprehensive legal services, the highest standards of tax advice, transfer pricing services, compliance and outsourced accounting services. Andersen offices are located in Warsaw, Katowice and Toruń. By cooperating with Andersen Global, the world’s leading advisory association, Andersen in Poland can act globally. Now the organisation has more than 6,500 professionals and a presence in over 220 locations worldwide through its member firms and collaborating firms


(+48) 22 690 08 88
ul. Puławska 2
02-566 Warsaw

FK Dydoń

Accounting & Tax

The Financial and Accounting Services Company FK was founded in 2001. It offers comprehensive accounting, tax, HR and payroll services for business entities. They adapt their services to the individual needs and expectations of their clients. The company represents the clients before Tax Offices and ZUS. The company has a qualification certificate issued by the Minister of Finance No. 19121/00 authorizing to provide bookkeeping services.

(+48) 531 276 489
ul. Fałata 8/10
41-902 Bytom


Banking & Financial ServicesReal Estate

Investments in companies and business and their management.

(+48) 662 048 987
ul. Wertera 46
20-713 Lublin

Soligrano Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Import, Export, Distribution & Trading

Soligrano company is an entity affiliated to OrganikAgro FOODS – the leading manufacturer of puffed grains (cereals) – organic and conventional. The most modern, innovative and largest producer in Central Europe in this industry. The company offers the best quality conventional BIO, and gluten-free products. It is experienced in retail, distribution, B2B cooperation private labels and building own Soligrano brand. The company’s current production capacity is about 10000 tons. The Soligrano and Organik Agro Food offices and production plant are located in Dobroń, central Poland in the Łódź province.

(+48) 43 655 51 11
ul. Wrocławska 20
95-082 Dobroń


Business & Commercial AssociationTextiles & Footwear

Management of shareholdings, provision of consultancy services for business and management, support services to companies, organization and management of offices and establishments, technical support, and commercial, scientific, administrative, and industrial projects.

(+351) 227 624 043
Rua da Recta de Gomil, 354, A2
4595-144 Frazão

Górskie Resorty

Hotels & Hospitality

Górskie Resorty is a group of reputable facilities in picturesque corners of the Polish mountains. In our varied, modern hotel and aparthotel base, guests will find everything they need for a perfect rest – from comfortable beds, through the exclusive SPA & Wellness offer, delicious cuisine, and, finally, a wide range of entertainments and animated activities. We focus on unique relaxation experience and a wide selection of attractions – both at the facilities themselves and in the region. You can book the stay through the dedicated booking website www.gorskie-resorty.pl.

(+48) 22 49 43 790
ul. Widok 8
00-023 Warsaw

Fiabilis Consulting Group 


The company operates in an international consulting specializing in the analysis of social insurance costs and HR & Payroll processes’ improvement. The complexity of legal regulations and their constant changes hamper the correct settlement of wages. As a consequence, they may lead to overpayments and non-use of all available solutions and mechanisms by employers. Fiabilis Consulting Group was created precisely to overcome the difficulties faced by the employer on a daily basis. The company supports human resources and financial departments in optimizing labor costs. The experts constantly monitor changes in legal regulations and interpretations that may affect the dimension of employers’ obligations. As a result of the analyzes carried out by Fiabilis CG Poland, 96% of clients obtain funds that can be invested in the company’s main activity.

(+48) 22 400 30 83
Al. Niepodległości 124/12
02-577 Warsaw

No Limit

Logistics & Transportation

No Limit is a Polish provider of logistics services, which has been operating in the European market since 1990. Whether the services are contract logistics, deliveries to chain stores, road transport services or Value Added Services, No Limit always render them with the utmost care. Their dedicated, highly qualified and versatile team of both experts and young innovators is their greatest asset. No Limit are proud to say that, for the third decade, they are providing services to the most demanding clients, among them many international leaders in their industries.

(+48) 532 462 271
ul. Księżnej Anny 4
03-866 Warsaw

AT INVEST Sp. z o.o.

Banking & Financial ServicesConsulting

The company is dealing with a business valuation, property valuation & brokerage, property development, M&A, IPO, and last, but not least restructuring. Company’s mission is to provide services at the highest level and offer creative financial and organizational solutions aimed at increasing the value.

(+48) 502 050 838
ul. Gen. R. Abrahama 1a
03-982 Warsaw

Solivan B. Miszkurka, J. Chabocka, Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Spółka Partnerska


Solivan provides comprehensive legal services to corporate clients, focusing on five leading interdisciplinary areas of legal practice. They provide clients access to a team of qualified lawyers with many years’ experience supported by references. They guarantee to safeguard clients’ interests throughout the lifecycle of any project. Above all, they are attorneys-at-law. Nevertheless, they understand their clients’ business context and are instinctively commercial. Having identified the nature of the issue, they aim to propose the most effective solution. They take care to safeguard their clients’ legal interests taking into account changes in the market new business strategies. They adapt their working style to their customers. Guided by the idea of offering legal support, they achieve their clients’ business goals in a manner which is cost-efficient and effective. They keep their clients on the progress of their cases and have the ambition to explain the emerging legal issues in a clear and understandable manner.

(+48) 22 209 55 00
ul. Górskiego 6/10
00-033 Warsaw

EDP Energia Polska Sp. z o.o.

Renewable Energies

EDP Group has launched its energy retail activities in Poland under the EDP Energia Polska brand, strengthening its position in the country. The Portuguese company is a leader in the energy sector, with over 10 m customers in 14 countries and with 70% of its electricity generated from renewable sources.
The launch is part of a broader strategy to expand retail activities internationally and would allow EDP to tap into the growing Polish market. The company will initially focus on serving enterprises of all size, offering a variety of electricity, gas and energy services products.

(+48) 603 99 33 48
Al. Jerozolimskie 98
00-807 Warsaw

Polish-Portuguese Foundation Entre

Culture promotionEducation

The Foundation is focused on cultural exchange between Poland and Portugal (and all Portuguese speaking countries). It promotes these cultures through music, painting, architecture, and photography. It cooperates with other organizations in Poland and in Portugal. The foundation is also open to supporting Polish and Portuguese minorities of the above-mentioned fields of work living in foreign countries. The organization helps to organize workshops for youth (short and long-term workshops). In a short time, it would like to start promoting easy access to Portuguese and Polish language courses.

(+48) 505 014 994
ul. Łokietka 12/co12
50-243 Wrocław

AGRiCO DTL Sp. z o.o.

Food & Beverage

AGRiCO DTL is a modern manufacturer of convenience and functional food. We are one of the leading producers in Poland present in majority of supermarkets, as well as we cooperate with many of the retailers in Europe. Thanks to the intensive investments during recent years, the company became one of the leading producers of sterilized meat products. Our advantages are for example: advanced production technology, excellent recipes, or products tailored to each regional market. Nowadays AGRICO is the biggest producer of HALAL- canned-meat products in Central and Eastern Europe. We undertake many safety measures accordingly to the highest international standards confirmed by certificates BRC, IFS, and HACCP. For now, our top products are shredded chicken, whole chicken breast, pulled beef and pork, and corned beef.

(+48) 797 663 389
Pawłówek 35
62-800 Kalisz

Celfocus – Soluções Informáticas para Telecomunicações SA

IT Services

Celfocus delivers high-tech system integration services in the digital and cognitive space.
We develop and implement technology solutions that help clients undergo their Digital Transformation, by delivering digital solutions to addressing the most innovative, complex and mission-critical challenges.
Our agile delivery methodology is tailored to reduce risk in IT projects and achieve the 100% success rate. To do that, we do not start projects from scratch. We have a solid vision of what does and doesn’t work, based on two pillars: our customer centric architecture and our evolving reusable components (using our own technology or assembling technology from other vendors).

(+351) 213 836 300
Avenida Dom João II 34
1998-031 Lisbon


Media & EntertainmentReal Estate

Gremi International SARL (Luxembourg) is an international holding, composed of a number of companies operating in Luxemburg, Poland, the Netherlands, and Brazil. Operations of the group are mostly focused on investments in two sectors: real estate (in Poland and in Brazil) and media (Poland). The group was established in 1991 by a Polish entrepreneur, Grzegorz (Greg) Hajdarowicz. The first activity of the company was wholesale of pharmaceuticals. As the business grew, new activities were introduced. Over 27 years GREMI was involved in many equity investments in various projects, focusing on distressed companies, encompassing sectors such as real estate, media, dredging, furniture manufacturing, printing houses, chip and card IT systems, heat pumps, hydraulics, financial services (factoring), film production and other. Gremi International SARL – by developing business projects and establishing legal entities in Luxembourg, Brazil, Poland, Netherlands, and the United States – is consistently implementing the strategy of becoming an internationally acting holding company. The core of Gremi International SARL business expansion strategy is represented by Portuguese speaking countries and regions of which Brazil (in particular the Eco Estrela Project) is currently the first and most significant one.

(+48) 500 768 886
Rue Aldringen 23
L1118 Luxembourg