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T.Studnicki, K.Płeszka, Z.Ćwiąkalski, J.Górski Spółka Komandytowa


The law firm offers legal services for Polish and foreign companies in the field of Business Law. The firm has 13 partners – lawyers and solicitors and in total it employs about 60 attorneys. The seat of the firm is in Cracow, it has also offices in Warsaw, Katowice, and Wroclaw.

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ul. Jabłonowskich 8
31-114 Kraków

Talent – Education Comes First SGPS


Talent – SGPS, S.A. is an entity dedicated to the management of higher education establishments and private polytechnics. Holding a title of the leader on the national market currently offers a range of options regarding higher education on the level of Marketing, Publicity, and Design – areas directly connected to the creative industry and considered as professions of the future.

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Av. da Boavista, n.º1102 – 1º Esq
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Targi Kielce S.A.

Trade Fair

The trade fair and expo organizer ranked second in CEE in regard to the number of exhibitors and to exhibition space leased. This result puts them ahead of Hungexpo Budapest, Brno in the Czech Republic, or Kyiv International Contract Fairs. Thus Targi Kielce has much more to offer than commercial meetings. Targi Kielce is one of Poland’s exhibition market leaders with 90,000 sq m exhibition space including 36.000 of indoor space in 7 fully equipped exhibition halls. 292.439 visitors from 60 countries, of 6767 exhibitors as well as 242.574 sq m of exhibition space leased. Targi Kielce calendar comprises 70 events-trade shows, exhibitions, and 700 conferences, including PLASTPOL– Poland’s most international trade show, the world-famous MSPO which is ranked third among Europe’s defense industry expos, SACROEXPO-Europe‘s largest church, and devotional articles fair and AGROTECH the agriculture fair which enjoys significant attendance. Targi Kielce is the organizer of conferences, seminars, and concerts. Poland’s most modern pavilion can be also used as the venue for congresses and events for 4500 people.

(+48) 41 365 12 22
ul. Zakładowa 1
25-672 Kielce


ExportFood & BeverageImport

TEK TRADE is a leading exporter and importer of food products. They are a global supplier of meat, fruit, vegetables, beverages, wine, and more for the wholesale markets. A company has its offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Budapest, and Warsaw. TEK TRADE focuses on delivering safe, cost-effective, and high-quality products.

(+48) 222 230 570
ul. Chłodna 51/36
00-867 Warsaw



We are a recognized and trusted provider of copper and aluminum cables and wires, optical fiber cables, used by the world’s leading companies in telecommunications, energy transmission, and distribution, electronics, shipbuilding, mining.

We offer a comprehensive assortment of wires and cables.

Apart from the standard assortment of products, we also offer special cables made to meet individual customer orders.

(+48) 12 652 50 00
ul. Hipolita Cegielskiego 1
32-400 Myślenice

The Resort Group PLC

Real Estate

The Resort Group PLC is the market leader of 5-star Resort developments in Cape Verde, one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism markets, with the largest Resort and hotel pipeline. The Resort Group PLC’s operations center is UK-based with a financial center in Gibraltar and further representative offices in Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, and recently Poland. It is a  Luxury Resort developer that has strategic partnerships with world-leading hotel and tour operators, which include TUI Travel, Meliã Hotels International, Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, and Hilton Worldwide. Visitor numbers in Cape Verde have been growing year-on-year, and the country has now been named as one of the top ten countries in the world for long-term tourism growth – creating ideal conditions for investors. Pre-construction investment returns for investors with The Resort Group PLC start from 8% p.a. as well as a guaranteed minimum rental return for the first 8 years of operation.

ul. Obrębowa 20
03-053 Warsaw

Together – Razem Sp. z o.o.


Together is an international company that specializes in financial management. Its offer is directed to private and business clients, providing them a wide range of solutions regarding credits, UE funds, foreign capital, project finance, and the SME sector.

(+48) 81 532 00 40
ul. Archidiakońska 6A
20-113 Lublin

UBP Consulting Sp. z o.o.


UBP Consulting Company provides professional and complete services regarding personal consulting. Its experience is based on the knowledge and practice of people who have contributed to UBP’s development – professionals, but first and foremost experienced people, who have been managers in various economical lines for years now.

Our primary aim is to secure full satisfaction for our clients as well as for our candidates.

We specialize in recruiting to middle and senior management positions in sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, and finance.

Although of purely Polish origin, the company boasts to have won the trust of large multinational companies thanks to its broad knowledge of many sectors of the market and deep commitment of employees.

(+48) 603 910 920
ul. Puławska 270/73
02-819 Warsaw

UON Consulting Polska Sp. z o.o.


Real Estate and Equipment Evaluations, Loss Adjustment, Car Expertise, Risk Analysis, Real Estate, and Equipment Auctions, Investigation into the Causes of Accidents

(+48) 22 208 6200
ul. Piękna 18
00-549 Warsaw


Import, Export, Distribution & Trading

Vershold is an integrated supply chain service provider for retailers and manufacturers. With a  large specialized team divided into offices all around the world, we strive to provide the best and most innovative solutions to suit our partners’ needs.

(+48) 22 376 27 91
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 16A
02-092 Warsaw


Accounting & Tax

Since 1999 r, we have been present on the market providing accounting and payroll services. VIP Account has been established in 2003. In the same year, our company has obtained the Certificate of the Ministry of Finance and thus has entered the list of entities certified as official accounting services and tax consultants. Our basic operations are bookkeeping and preparation of tax declarations on behalf of our Clients.

As we have been rendering our services for many years, our experience will help us to offer you our own, tested ways of cooperation. We serve Polish and foreign companies from all sectors of the economy, independently of their legal form and size.

From January 2013 we offer www platform VIP Connect which allows managing and controlling companies from each place in the world thru the website or tablet. The main functionality of the system are:
• Electronic repository of accounting documents – on-line access to scans of all invoices for proposes of archiving and data access,
• Electronic repository of payroll documents,
• Possibility of creating by the Client individual folders and storage company documents and agreements,
• Workflow – the process of describing invoices, reconciliation, and explanation of expenditures, on-line cooperation on documents,
• On-line access to current finance reports,
• On-line access to taxes and ZUS liabilities,
• Timesheet – employees’ work time evidence.

(+48) 22 350 63 25
ul. Malborska 3 lok. 4.2
03-286 Warsaw

Why Not Travel

ConsultingTravel & Tourism

Why Not Travel is a leader in Business Travel Consulting in Poland. With 200 million PLN turnover it is placed between 4th and 5th place among the companies operating on that market. Originating from the south of Poland has its offices in various cities including Warsaw, Krakow, Kielce, and Rzeszów. With the ambition of expanding in new areas company has recently launched a new brand Why Not Private Jet offering complex broker service to premium clients.

(+48) 17 230 68 30
ul. Kielnarowa 108a
36-020 Tyczyn

Your Catering Group S.C.

Restauration & Catering

Your Catering Group company was created 19 years ago. It developed on the local catering services market in central Poland. Currently, it’s a group specializing in a wide range of services for corporate and individual clients.

We provide services all over Poland using our own specialized logistics and professional service systems. We operate in the HACCP system. Each company department is responsible for different kinds of services.

FOOD SERVICE- a department responsible for complex services of canteens and company restaurants.

Corning Cables -Strykow, Lumileds/ Philips -Pabianice, Prima Lodz.

From a project in a given location to equipment and suggesting service technology.

The next stage is introducing and providing services in the above locations, production and distribution of the dishes, payment methods, sales reporting, loyalty, and credit programs and pay pass.

CLASSIC MENU- it’s a department which organizes various catering services for corporate and private clients such as receptions (banquets), cocktails, stand party, coffee breaks, grill parties.

The biggest projects in this department:

>grill party for 4.000 people during a picnic for BSH company in Lodz

> a reception for 1.100 people during ball for Lawyers in Expo hall in Lodz

> Cocktail party for 1.000 people during Gastroenterology Congres in National Philharmonic in Warsaw

>Coffee breaks, grill parties, cocktails for 1.000 people during the opening ceremony of Golpasz company in Rawa Mazowicka.

>Coffee breaks and cocktail for 1.000 people during three-day Urban Conference in EC1 in Lodz.

>Eurobasket- organizing and servicing of all zones during the event in Poland.

>Servicing of the net of 52 events allover (CAŁEJ) Poland for Mapei company.


SPECIAL EVENT- it’s a new development for our group.

It deals with a complex or allocated part of organizing even the most complex events all Poland.

>organizing catering sales for 60.000 people during of two-day Strawberry Festival in Buczek near Łask city.

>complex organization of a one-day event Airshow 2015 in Łask for 90000 people during Airport Open Days: sales catering zones, entertainment zones, funfair, stage and artist, and VIP reception.

> For 10 years we have servicing backstage and dressing rooms during the biggest concert tours: Musics Power Radio ZET, Eska Music Awards, OragneWarsaw Festiwal ect.

>company picnics for 1.500 people: Colep, Hutchinson, PGE.

>Promotion of places: special places

EC 1 industrial machine hall in Lodz, Poznanski`s Palace, PolishMaution

FILHARMONII- the youngest child of our group. It’s a very prestigious place in the Lodz city center suitable for organizing various corporate and cultural events.

The place where we serve dishes made from original recipes of Nell-Arture Rubinstein’s wife create a unique combination: a special place, art. and an original menu from the beginning of the XX century. The location can seat even up to 1000 people.

(+48) 501 592 066
ul. Liściasta 17
91-357 Łódź